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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Another week of home ownership and another week of painting and #1 son Scott coming for some carpentry projects.  Making progress---BUT NOT there yet!

Meanwhile--a VERY short walk from the cottage is this playground.  Grands LOVE coming to see Lulu---fun and games--and plenty to do.  The big building in the background is a hospital.  I am a couple of blocks from the "Hospital District"  HUGE hospitals very close--may need a ward for the crazies before I finish this painting job.

I seem to struggle with color choices--have an entire library of those little sample containers.  I finally settled on a "Summer Picnic" theme.  Colors are "Summer Tan", "Sunbaked", "Vanilla Bean", and "Molasses".  There seems to be a pattern in my preferences.  With all these earth tones--somehow I got it in my head I was going to paint  ONE room blue---got over that!  With a small cottage---not brave enough to paint every room varying colors.

And here we have the "vanilla bean" kitchen.  It took FOUR--count them four coats to cover the DARK blue walls.  If you need ANY help with a painting project--NOW is not the time to ask!  WHERE is my painting crew?

Stamped in the front walk is the contractors name and date--1922.  I need to look at my title opinion again and see if the house was already built when the sidewalks were put in.  I BELIEVE this qualifies the cottage as antique--ALONG with its owner!

I thought I was moving away from all the questionable behavior--but a little tidbit was shared by a neighbor this week.  It seems the man who lives across the street enjoys adult beverages---do not have a problem with that--BUT he also tends to walk out on the front porch to answer nature's call when he has over-indulged.  After thinking this over---I believe I will buy an air horn and give it a blast when I spot this questionable activity.  Perhaps like "Pablo's Dog" he can be retrained!

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