"Growing old is a gift--not a curse.  Otherwise we would all be babies wailing to be fed."

It truly is a joy to see my friends---older than me---growing old with grace and dignity.  I am blessed with many good examples of finishing well and I am watching and taking notes.  For after all, it is just around the corner. If you put your life on a timeline---mine is growing short. 

 What constitutes finishing well?  

Serving as long as you are physically able---and even then there is service through prayer.  We can all pray---

Surrounding yourself with good friends--good times---living life in the company of others.

Keeping your eyes and ears open---listening and looking for the opportunities that God is placing in your path.

Keeping your eyes off your navel and cherishing the world around you.

Using the gifts you have been lavished with in acts of love.

Cherishing the family you are blessed with.

Weep when you must---but laugh and laugh and laugh

Today is all we are promised--and even it may be shortened.  So I am grabbing hold---making the most---of the moment before me---endeavoring to finish well.  What greater legacy--than to have loved the Lord with all my heart and been used for His good purpose---while finding joy in the moment.

"So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom."
Psalms 90:12

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