This little fellow broke out of the joint this week.  His frantic owners put out an APB including getting the PRESIDENT of the HOOD to email everyone.  There were signs ALL over the hood and his master's owner put a magnetic sign on his car door---SERIOUSLY!  Not to worry--he showed up --I saw the happy master gathering his signs tonight with a big smile on his face.

There are alley-ways behind ALL the houses in older neighborhoods.  I am not sure when they stopped this---but #1 daughter's home built in the 70-80's does not have one.  At one time they picked up the garbage by driving down these alleys---perhaps even in horse & buggy?  WELL at a minimum a LONG time ago!  Today this is the view of the alley behind my house---it is a little dis-concerting to have a utility person hanging on the pole looking in your backyard!

These pictures are of the hospitals within a couple of blocks of my house.  I often hear the life lift helicopters over-head taking someone to the hospital--I always stop and say a prayer for them.  Good proximity in case of emergency!

 Behind the park--you see part of the beginning of downtown---I am VERY close--well a stones throw from "Downtown".

I have SO been wasting my time working out----this building a BLOCK away from my house is the "Body Garage" in case you cannot read the sign.  I can just take myself in for a tune up and forget all this hard work!  

AND NOW--"The Cat Fight"

Email from neighbor---A large yellow and white cat is roaming our street and fighting with all the other cats AND he is eating all of our cute little lizards---I PROMISE called the lizards cute!  If someone does not claim this cat, we are calling animal control and having it picked up.  

Reply from another neighbor---that sounds like our cat---but not to worry--he has been neutered and just likes to roam around

Reply from original emailer---WHEN we call Animal Control--they will kill your cat---call me and I will explain how having your cat fixed will stop this fighting and need to eat lizards

WELL I guess there is some difference in neutering and fixing--WHO KNEW!


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