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Saturday, March 1, 2014


I find myself busier and busier here in The Hood:

Started off last Saturday by attending Mass with a sweet friend:

It was the beginning of a great evening at a Fund Raiser for a local Catholic High School.  These Texans KNOW how to Raise Funds!  The dinner did NOT consist of some rubbery chicken but your choice of 6 food trucks!

Then NO speeches--instead a concert and dancing with Pat Green and his band.  I must confess I did not know who Pat Green was--I do now!

Meanwhile back here in the hood--the emails are flying--

The lost Chihuahua's new mommie reported they have named the nomad "Simon" and the vet has checked him out and he is adjusting to his new family.

The BIG NEWS---the "Travelers" are back in large numbers.  My security light turned on in the middle of the night this week and I found my garbage can lids opened the next day.  Perhaps someone is roaming around my yard in the middle of the night. I also discovered someone had tampered with my garage doors---I would be MOST upset if my blower was stolen!  I turned over and went back to sleep---the alarm is activated every night and I have my protection close.

Look closely at this picture---what you see sticking out is feet.  My heart truly breaks for these people--but I have to be sensible.

And then I saw this house--notice the French Doors over the garage--NO STAIRS---I suppose this is where Superman lives and he needs a place to  take off from when he is on a mission to save the world  OR perhaps it is an escape route when you are over the edge---Who Knows?

I am painting the garage apartment---apartment white.  It was brown--someone had smoked in there---the apartment may collapse from the additional weight of the paint required to correct the smell and color.  EVERYONE KNOWS--you paint rental units neutral colors AND there will be a huge penalty if anyone smokes in the future---Hopefully this will end my short career in painting!

I leave you with this:

My garage has a raised lip to keep water from entering.  The lip is so high it makes it difficult to pull your car into the tight small space (OLD HOUSE)--without gunning the motor while making sure you are properly lined up.  I called #1 Son--asked what do you think I should do.  His reply, "Walk around Lowe's and look until you see something that might work."  YES--I will walk around Lowe's hoping something will fall off the shelf---and hope it might work--because I do not have a clue.  More than likely I would end up looking at the power tools, window treatments and patio furniture!

SO I mention this dilemma to my two friends who are aeronautical engineers at Lockheed.  NEVER present a problem to an engineer---it completely slips their mind that this is NOT their field of expertise--and they are on a mission to come up with a fix.  SO I get an email from them---we will be over Saturday to POUR CONCRETE to fix the problem.  WAIT---this is NOT an airplane wing--this is concrete and when you pour it---if it is not right--it must be JACK HAMMERED out!  I politely told them---"Thank you so much for the offer, but I need further time to think this over."  AND perhaps the opportunity to meet a couple of Civil Engineers!

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  1. I love how week by week, your new home, your new neighborhood is becoming YOURS.

    Appreciating your transition ...



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