The day dawned with a beautiful brilliant sky---the same sky that dawned all those years ago over an empty tomb.
The birds sang their morning songs and the gentle breezes stirred the new leaves exploding open on every tree.
 The light gave birth to the celebration of victory over death and the promise of eternal life.
Where was His body they all sang out, only to be answered by his reply "Peace be to you, I am here."

The church was filled with row upon row, all dressed in their best with smiles on their faces.
Families assembled and friends united all joining in joyous worship with voices raised in celebratory praise.
The story was told and the events explained which lead to this holiest of days long ago. 
All were gathered in one accord, to give thanks for His sacrifice which lead to eternal life.

The day has ended, the food was put away, the eggs were all discovered and everyone has gone their way.
Monday has dawned-another day after Easter has begun-back to the sameness of living this life.
What keeps us from bringing the joy of Sunday over to Monday and Tuesday and
each day thereafter?
Has anything changed during the night?  Did he still not die and raise from the dead?

The day  of the week nor the day of the year nor the year we are in changes what
He has done.
Everyday is a reminder--each dawn a notation -of the promise we were blessed with when we turned to Him.
Easter is not a day- Easter is more than a season---Easter is a promise we carry in our hearts.
We celebrate Easter each and every day---with each new dawn--as long as Jesus rules in our hearts.

"I, even I, am the LORD, and apart from me there is no savior."
Isaiah 43:11

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  1. Ah ... sounds like the same tugging on our hearts, a very similar message to consider, to share, to cherish. From your place and mine today.

    I love how God works in our lives! And I hope that your resurrection celebration soared, my friend ...


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