While in Ruston, I sat and talked with a dear friend--one on one--following a group conversation of how forgiveness looks.  We were building off the blog written here explaining my struggle with man's concept of what forgiveness looks like.  He pulled me aside and shared his own struggle and what he is learning.  Another piece of the puzzle was pushed neatly into place.  I am certain God orchestrated this conversation--once again teaching me.

As we sat ---and rocked---in the deep stillness of the night---we agreed on every necessary step in giving and receiving forgiveness.  We shared our journeys and what God was teaching us.  As we peer through the lens of our personal pain, the reflection of the image of grace begins  to draw into focus the beauty of what Jesus did for us.  Our sin and man's sin against us teaches God's forgiveness and the absolute wonder of it all.

He shared the beautiful picture of admitting  his sin, and acknowledging it to God and those who had been harmed naming his offense and asking their forgiveness.  He then completed the necessary step of turning from that sin as God has instructed.  He thought this final step of repentance should have freed him and allowed him to forget---but still the remembrance nagged him. 

A trusted counselor shared with him--perhaps the final, but certainly a needed step--We must forgive ourselves.  God forgives us and yet we are unable to forgive ourselves.  As I posted that day, God is much more lenient with us than we are on ourselves.  Turning this over and over in my thoughts, the question arose----If we do not forgive ourselves after God has forgiven us, are we discounting the grace Jesus lavished upon us?  Are we denying the great price paid for us to walk in freedom?  Are we saying--what He did was not enough?  Another necessary step to complete the image of what forgiveness looks like.


"Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,"
Acts 3:19


  1. Hi Lulu! What a special relationship you have with your friend...that you can talk about such deep things and mull them over together.

    I often get stuck in that trap of 'looking behind me' and not forgiving myself for the past. I think it's a weakness that the devil loves to throw in my face. Because it so often works! I'm working on it though.

    I'm sure Jesus is sad when I get down about sins that are already forgiven. He's ready for me to move on!
    Thoughtful post for sure.

  2. Yes, this forgiving of ourselves is a huge task ... and one not easily done. And often there is still a remembering ... but it loses its power over us and in its place comes wisdom.

    And by His grace, we won't end up where we were all over again ...


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