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Thursday, June 19, 2014


I posted this blog on my Facebook timeline:  Here

It obviously resonated with many from all the FB comments---I did not write it--a famous Christian author, Ann Vos Kamp penned those truths.  AND IMAGINE--it started me to thinking!

Why is it so many have a difficult time aging with grace?  I suspect we look to the world and believe the lie that all fade into the sunset in perfect beauty.  No wrinkles--no sags---no age spots---looking exactly as we did at 21--SO the world tells us.  The magic of the air brush and the trickery of the Photo Shop have us thinking there is  perfection in aging.

I think of my grandparents---both wrinkled--both sagging--- both shriveled with age--and yet--together they were beautiful.  I remember stroking my Mamaw's triceps--they were soft--velvet loose skin.  She was beautiful---and never uttered a word about aging.  They aged well together---loved each other until they both were gone.  She might have had one bottle of some type of lotion--but there were no shelves lined with bottles and tubes of promised miracles.  I could not have loved them anymore---if they had looked 40.

We have become obsessed with staying young.  Do not get me wrong--I want to stay active--- raking my yard when Jesus comes for me, as Mamaw James was, is my dream.  I do not want to be so obsessed with aging that I spend all my time and money trying to chase the elusive fountain of youth.  Guess what--MOTHER NATURE WINS!  

I suspect I will be loved in my very old age---NOT because of how I look--but instead because of who I am.  The way I have loved others will determine how I am loved in the end.  Why is is so difficult for us to understand that truth?  We have listened to the lies of the world the media has sold us ---lock  stock and barrel.  Swallowing the whole lie--we have become convinced it is the surface-not the heart which is important.

Finishing well---is so important---why do we not see this?

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.
Isaiah 40:8


  1. I was feeling old and fat today. Wanted to hide inside and not go to an acquaintance's funeral. Now I know I'll attend to show respect. Stop thinking about myself. I'm such a selfish cow. Thank you. I needed this. Have a blessed day. ~:)
    "For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day." [2 Cor. 4:16]

    1. Oh Sparky, I speak the wisdom we are all beautiful because we are created in HIS beautiful image---but believing it is a daily struggle for me. As I laughingly say, Time to get my eyes off my navel!"

      Thanks for reading and commenting-
      May your day be filled with sweet blessings!

  2. Oh I hear you..and I know where your coming from on this subject.What a lovely post, thanks Lulu. Now, I am off to email my good friend Sparky and give her a talking too (giggles, winks and smiles). Blessings

    1. Now Linda, give Sparky a break--we all suffer from self debasement at some point. The good thing---she is taking corrective action! Giggling right back at you! Bless You!

  3. Thank you for the reminder. I look at all the beauties on here and I know I haven't taken care of myself. I do need to take better care of this "temple." But I do believe that I have a few who will love me regardless. Great post. I have this book. I need to go back and read again.

  4. Thank you for dropping by---I took a trip and visited your blog--as you see I added it to the list of those I like to read. Happy 4th Weekend!


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