Some have commented on my courage---the courage to leave my hometown--start another life--leave all that was familiar and live in a strange new world.  Step WAY out of my comfort zone into the zone of different.  For in all truth it is not uncomfortable--it is just different.

A display of courage only comes with facing our fears.  Fear and courage are so closely intertwined they are kissing cousins.  Would there ever be courage without fear?  I fear not!

I was reminded of the great courage many Believers display by the movie "Persecuted".  Most of us face no persecution for our faith.  The only persecution I have ever endured has been snide remarks--certainly no threat of bodily harm or any loss--material or otherwise.  Were I faced with persecution how would I react?  Could I face my fears---display courage--and hold to the truth?  

Perhaps the fears we are forced to face in our lives are training grounds.  You would not run a marathon without training for the race--or if you did you would not run it well.  Doctors do not begin practicing medicine after medical school without training in real life.  Most things in life require training to accomplish the required best result. I began conquering my fears and showing courage as a child--many of us do.  My brother and cousins delighted in frightening me--and to ever show fear was to invite eternal torment.  It took learning by training myself to never grimace or show fear.   So with fear, we must train ourselves to be courageous by conquering our fear.

 Our enemy loves to use our fears--one of his most effective tools.  When we are quavering in a corner or merely obsessing over the what-if's, fear takes control and we loose our effectiveness in serving The Father.   He has given us a book full of examples to learn from when faced with fear producing experiences.  Whatever you are facing--is it worse than battling a giant with a stone and sling shot, or facing a lion whose stomach is growling, or facing a battle with a handful of soldiers when the enemy has thousands, or knowing tomorrow's fate of hanging from a cross after being severely beaten?  

We are taught He will supply the courage--our job is obedience and allowing Him to be by our side.  Courage is faith wearing the disguise of bravery--but truly it is faith which conquers our fears.

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."
Deuteronomy 31:6


  1. Hey Lulu..each and everyone of us have fears: skeletons, demons..whatever it is called. Great post..thanks for sharing. Blessings

    1. OH Linda, if I were you--I would be fearful of returning to school---but you show great courage by looking forward to the experience. You are a living example of conquering what could be a fear!
      Blessings to You, Friend!

  2. Yes. Just the thought of those persecuted for their faith should be enough for us to stop whining and grumbling. And fall to our knees in gratitude for our blessings and intercession for their lives.

    Thanks for this recalibration, friend ...

    1. This movie really has made me think. I am certain Hollywood had NO idea--the message we Believers would hear.


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