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Monday, July 21, 2014


When I left Ruston, my home for 47 of my 64 years at the time, I did not leave well.  I slipped out of town---under the protest of my dear friends and family--I silently crept away.   I was asked by many to leave with a flourish of parties and protracted good-byes.  I did not have the courage--nor the grace to leave well.  Refusing the kind offers of sweet family and friends, in an effort to protect myself from the pain of good-bye was wrong and I am truly sorry for my selfish refusal to leave well.  

I had a long time friend tell me this summer, "When you left, it put you in the wrong, to many of those looking on."   One of the things I have learned is to not make excuses---no blame shifting--fess up to my part in a bad outcome and move forward.  I must shoulder the blame for my reluctance to accept my responsibility for the events leading to my leaving, and the poor manners in refusing the generous offers of so many to say those good-byes.

Perhaps part of my reluctance to return to the place I will always call home--is the pain associated with my refusal to leave with grace.  Yes, I was following God's lead by moving here, and I see the reasons every day why this was a good move.  I have healed--and yes, there are scars--but my life is now going on and I anticipate with great joy what God has in store as I travel down His path.  I do regret--- not leaving well---with the grace to say good-bye with my head held up and with the grace and dignity of one who had been loved well as I have loved so many.

One of my daily devotionals recently was on Paul's leave taking of the Ephesian Elders as described in Acts.  What a beautiful testimony of how to leave when directed, but leave well.  He left knowing he would not see them again, saying good-bye and giving instructions and admonishments of how to live as Believers, and finally a blessing.  This is an example of leave taking as a Believer.  Acknowledgement of all God has done and imploring His blessings on those you are leaving.  A lesson---in grace and dignity.

"Now I commit you to God, and to the word of His grace,
which can build you up
and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.
Acts 20:32


  1. Hmm..I understand the post..however, just my honest opinion, I think your being to hard on yourself. Hmm..funny, Lulu, I was thinking the same thing / similar post. We left Alabama under the cloak of looking back..hmm..I will have to ponder more on how to word the meantime, dear friend..don't be so hard on yourself..your friendships will remain true --what is that old saying, if it is meant to be..something like that..(please excuse me, my brain is still muddled this morning)--thank you for gives us the courage to speak up and ponder about our own lives. Blessings

    1. Sweet Linda, I am reading The Word---and reaping the wisdom. One thing is for sure---I need to not assume my friends understand--but verbalize my regrets in love for you all! SO BLESSED!

  2. Lora, grace means do-overs! So, come back one weekend and leave again...and this time we'll have a blow-out! (Us Louisiana folks are ALWAYS looking for any chance to party!)

    1. OH, Len---who has time for parties when the Saints are about to start playing again! Thanks, Friend--I LOVE your definition of do-overs!

  3. Could this be one of your best posts ever? Wow. Just simply profound ...

    Leaving well's a big one. And so incredibly hard to pull off. Only by His strength, His grace, our purposeful choice.

    Thanks for this today, Lulu. Just great stuff.

    1. Bless you, Linda. It never ceases to amaze me how God uses my pitiful attempts and how He inspires and uses me. NOW THAT IS INCREDIBLE STUFF!


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