OH People-- you don't know of what I speak?  You are confessing to not being a student of the Andy Griffith Show?  For shame---not to fear---I will enlighten you-

Poor Barney!  He is SO busy watching all the good citizens of Mayberry in an effort to monitor their absolute obedience to the law that he got caught in his own trap.  His lecture to Gomer backfired  as Gomer takes his directive to heart and promptly calls "Citizen"s Arrest--Citizen's Arrest!"  It would appear Barn felt he was above the law since he wore a badge and drove that black & white vehicle with the gumball machine on top. None are above the law--- Justice would be done---but Barney melted down when Andy demanded justice be equal.

Color me GUILTY---my righteous indignation over the sins my neighbor commits never looks in a mirror at my own sinful face.  My pointing finger needs to be curved! All those 911's and 912's---I DID IT!  None of us EVER want to except our share of the blame for anything.  We all may sin--but our sins are not as bad as your sins.  We are a SAD -  SAD LOT!  Sin IS Sin! AND I AM GUILTY AS CHARGED!

I am so thankful--when I step into the courthouse--and stand before the Judge--my advocate pays my fine for me so that I might go free!  I am a citizen set free with no fear of punishment---Jesus paid the fine!

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 6:23


  1. Lulu ... isn't it interesting that we can glean spiritual insights from all kinds of cultural and media stuff ...


    1. I once heard a minister had used several episodes to preach a series of sermons. I have learned God is teaching me in every moment, every occasion, in more ways that I can recount. There is a lesson is almost every living moment!

      Blessings, Linda!


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