While traveling this past week, I visited Seagrove, NC.  Deep in rural North Carolina, this area is home to over 200 potters-many of which have been there for multiple generations.  The clay found in this area is the drawing card, but the beauty of the area is the trump card which keeps these families there carrying on the family business.  

The clay and the salt rub process of glazing are trademarks of the local pottery. By the end of the day of touring studios, I was on pottery overload and over-whelmed at all of the talent in such a small area of very rural North Carolina.

The local artist are happy to educate you in the process and the intricacies of producing the final product.  Every potter was unique and had something new to add to the story of "How it happens."

The range of pottery was from the pieces above by Ben Owen which are very expensive and contemporary in design to folk pottery created in the same fashion of many generations.

Somehow I managed to walk away with one small mug in my hand--NOT that I did not covet MANY pieces.  

One of the many things I learned was how long the process takes to create each and every piece.  The throwing of the pot at the potters wheel or molding by hand is only the beginning.  It is a long an complex process beginning with the digging and mixing of the clay.  Each step must be done in proper order with perfect timing, and in a precise manner.  The final piece of pottery comes after hours of work.

How interesting that we find reference to potters in the scripture.  How reassuring to know that God is the potter and I am the clay.  His processes and steps to bring to completion this vessel He intends for me to be are long and complex, BUT OH THE BEAUTY OF HIS HANDIWORK!  I never cease to be amazed at the lessons The Master Potter teaches me!

But now, O LORD, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand.
Isaiah 64:8


  1. What a wonderful holiday you had. Reminds me of a holiday in Wales years ago where we found many small family businesses doing pottery to sell to local souvenir shops. We still have a set of cups all uniquely made by hand.

    God bless.

    1. There is MORE to come, Victor! It was a WONDERFUL holiday!


  2. Cool insight into a favorite Scripture, Lulu ...


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