Following an active Halloween night, all has been quiet here in the Hood.  It seems all the dog poop is being scooped, no Halloween shenanigans, no SWAT teams storming---no political outrage---Cool weather has arrived and the citizens of the Hood seem to be cool as well.

With the cool weather, we should soon experience the turning of the leaves. 

 This is the Japanese Gardens located in the Botanical Gardens here in Fort Worth.

They have this wonder in Dallas every year during October at the Dallas Arboretum.

This is my favorite local nursery which I manage to run by at least once a week.  This is only a small sample of the thousands of pumpkins.

There was a Jack O Lantern carving contest in the Hood.
These people are quite talented--as evidenced below.

Not much going on here beyond the arrival of fall.

In the world of volunteering, I have now worked with my two students at the shelter long enough that they feel comfortable with me.  We are working through some problems with attitude--but I keep in mind where they are and what they are experiencing.  Mom and the four children in the family are in the women's shelter and dad has to stay in the men's building--no facilities to co-habitat at this time.  They are behind in their schooling, living in a shelter after moving half way across the country, and experiencing loss of home, friends, employment, but hopefully not hope.

BUT in the blogging world, my friend from across the pond, Victor, gave me a shout out and linked all his readers to my blog.  WHY THE QUEEN MIGHT STOP BY!  Victor has my brand of humor--tongue in cheek---and He is a man of great faith.  A talented writer--go HERE and read his review of "Mona Lisa".

A couple of my important readers report problems pulling the blog up on their I Pads---It seems there is no problem with any other device, but the entire blog will not open up on an I Pad.  I am researching--but no answer so far.  I will report the answer on the blog--if my pea brain ever comes up with an answer.

And that's all the news here in The Hood, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking and the children above average.


  1. I have MIA lately, sorry about is keeping me busy (couple more weeks until Thanksgiving break and then finals after that). I would love that Botancial Garden & the Dallas Arboretum. Blessings

    1. Keep your nose to the grindstone, Linda. The end is in sight!


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