Advent Season celebrates the coming of The King.  The period of waiting for the birth of Our Hope.  Advent Season--each and every year--also brings the celebration of my own birth---66 years ago now.

There was a time, I thought 66 was ancient.  It is amazing how un-ancient I feel.  I still want to play--I still love to laugh--I still love a great adventure--I still love a delicious meal--I still anticipate what each and every day will hold.  The one thing I have noticed--my body does not co-operate as well as it once did.  That can be circumvented by allowing a little more time--lifting a little less weight--not getting on the floor and Indian leg wrestling anymore--and walking-not running.

I have my brutally honest mirror--which I avoid at all costs--and truth telling grand to remind me of just how old I am.  The fact of the matter is--I might not have another double digit birthday.  THAT My Friends is ominous!  Will I be around at 77?  Possibly--but there are no promises.  Fear not--that does not upset me.  It DOES make me keenly aware of the need to make the very most of each and every day I do have.  I will not be sitting in my rocker-staring at the television--spinning yarns of yesterday--pining away for what could have been--until they tie me down.  Going for the gusto---making the most of the day--living the "God" life--while He still has me here.

Reflecting upon my life---I have been blessed.  Yes there have been difficult--gut wrenching days--but the good ones far outnumber the harrowing ones.  My past has made me who I am today--and who I will be tomorrow.  Those days which were almost unbearable--would not have come if I had not risked the pain and lived the blessing which came first.    I am thankful for my past--thankful He has loved me enough to allow me to suffer. My suffering has grown empathy and sympathy to a mature crop.   I am thankful He loves me so much He uses me. Even when I see the suffering of others, when my eyes fill with tears as I lean into their world of hurt as I do what I can, I am thankful.   Thankful for the incredibly good and the miserably bad that He both allowed and caused as I traveled this path.  I would never have known the depth of His faithful love without it all.

So, Friends, on this day of my birth--I am thankful and blessed ---for I KNOW He has plans for me

It does not matter what the plans entail--good or bad---it will all be lived for His great glory.  My plans are shallow and trite when compared to His.   I am thankful for hope and a future---no matter how long that future--the hope is so great. So


For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. Best wishes of happiness, good health and long life to you on this special day, Lulu. You will never grow old because you are so young at heart. I wish you all the best today and every day.

    God bless you.

    1. Thank You, Victor. God has gifted me with wonderful friends like you to greatly bless my life!

  2. You really do not want me to sing Happy Birthday, do you? (giggling)--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and wishes for many, many more.

    AND no stinking way are you 66! You are a precious soul Lulu...and I am so glad we are friends..Happy Birthday!

    1. I have the scars to prove it, Linda! Thank you, Friend and I would cherish you singing to me!

  3. Hey girl, you simply ROCK 66!

    And I'm celebrating your life with you ... grateful you're in my life, too.

    1. Well, Linda---hopefully NOT a rocking chair--although I love to rock and think--
      Thank You, Friend! Blessed to call you Friend!


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