My sweet little student asked me this morning, "Ms Lora, is Santa real?".  LOADED question---not my daughter---old enough to have heard rumors---depending upon me for truth---how to respond?  I looked down into those huge brown eyes with an expression of total trust on her beautiful face and took a deep breath.  She waited for my answer and time stood still as I considered my options.  Finally I smiled at her and said, "Don't you want to believe in Santa?"  She quickly responded, "YES!".  I nodded my head and said, "Then you have your answer."  

I remember the day I began to question in the same way.  It had a lot to do with a discovery of a hidden cache.  My heart dropped as I considered that perhaps there was no Santa.  I wanted to believe--I loved the magic associated with believing--but the seed of doubt had been planted and the weeds of doubt were growing--flourishing in the field of wondrous belief.

Even today--I want to believe in the jolly old elf.  My childhood heart reappears every Christmas and I experience the anticipation of the day that is coming.  Perhaps this will be the year--Santa will reappear and fill my stocking with an orange, some Christmas candy and a small toy as in those long ago days.  I cherish the memories of Christmases filled with the magic the grand old Saint Nicholas gifted me with.  The surprise of gifts under the tree for so many Christmas mornings.  I really want to believe---and wanting to believe is the first step in believing.

As I thought this over, I thought of the birth of our King.  To experience the wonder of knowing He was indeed born in the little town of Bethelem--you must first want to believe.  The desire to believe--is the first step in faith.  The preamble to God growing our faith and providing the assurance, "It is so."   All we have to do is turn to Him and confess, "I want to believe."  He will then lead you down the path of wonder of what He has done for us.  But first you must--want to believe.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1


  1. Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief ...

  2. Beautiful, Lulu..."Believing"...such a powerful word. It brings to mind searching, wonder, glowing, excitement, risking, knowing?, faith, trust...all the things the wise men had. "Believing" fills my heart with joy.

  3. Beautiful..believing is a beautiful word.

    Btw, just thought I would throw this in...for whatever it is worth: if you don't believe in Santa, you get underwear. (inside, funny family joke). One day I will tell

  4. You have a wonderful gift for good posts, Lulu. It's a pleasure visiting here.

    God bless.


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