I must confess--a great deal of my Christmas preparation centers around gift selection.  In the past--there have been times I wanted to run away screaming from the frustration of finding those perfect gifts.  I still have a few I agonize over, but life is much simpler these days.

We are bombarded from every side with "The Perfect Gift".  My poor grands are convinced they need every thing in every catalog that comes in my mailbox.  Henry, the oldest here in Fort Worth, pours over the toy catalogs I receive.  He drags them home and keeps them in a secret stash.  Little brothers have picked up what is going on quickly--Elliot now also wants everything on every page--when he gets the chance to look at a catalog.  Even the two year old Little Man has learned to point and say "Dat--Dat".

If they received every gift, they think they need, we could fill up every house in "The Hood".

I must confess--I am occasionally caught off guard as well, with visions of Santa-Good Fairy--Prince Charming dropping by to give me my heart's desire.  One of those wonderful--cannot live without---needed in every home---this will make your life perfect---gift of a lifetime--as advertised in "Good Housekeeping" and "Shoppers Network".  My dream trip--the car I have always desired--beautiful jewelry--and the list goes on and on---so many wonderful things--I really do not need and certainly could live without.  It all comes with the delusion created by the attacks of The Media.  I am a sucker and allow myself to watch and dream and get my hopes up.  Nothing wrong with dreaming--or is there?

Gifts are wonderful--but when gifts begin to creep in and consume our thoughts and time--there is a problem.  Life is all about balance--anytime we allow one idea to consume us--we are way out of balance.  We forget the important things--what we will remember forever--those things which have eternal consequence.  What are my memories filled with---a handful of gifts and a lifetime of happenings.  The Christmas I had a two week old baby and there was ice on the windows--the many Christmas Eve Candlelight Services--the family gatherings--the games played--the caroling--the roaring fires and cups of hot chocolate--precious memories.  I even have a wonderful memory of finding a new Schwinn bike that Santa brought one year.  

The very first Christmas--there were gifts--but they were only a small part of the "Big Story".  The real story centered around a baby--a small newly born baby--that is what we remember today--that is what this is all about.  I am praying we all remember the why--and if you also receive the "perfect gift"--what an added bonus!

On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts
Matthew 2:11


  1. How true your post is. I have long stopped trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. Learned to slow down and realize what is most important, this yr seemed more important to spend with my husband and son and start saying no to outside forces...I have issues, Lulu..so please keep us in prayer (eluded to in my yesterdays blog post)..Merry Christmas.

    1. Praying, Linda, Praying! This time of the year can be tough!
      Blessings, Sweet Friend!

  2. You bless me, friend. And it looks like you'll have your hands full this Christmas!

    May there be pockets of solitude and quiet along the way for your soul to be refilled.

    Christmas blessings and hugs.

    1. Thank You, Linda! It will be wild and crazy and wonderful!

      Christmas Blessings & Hugs To You, Dear Friend!

  3. Prayer is the perfect gift. Praying for you and yours.

    God bless.


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