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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


How many times in my life--beginning as a child-have I heard those words.  OH YES---I AM READY--standing here in my underwear with wet hair, sans make up frantically searching for something to wear in a closet full of unacceptable--YES I AM READY-LET'S GO!  The person I lived most of my life with became quite adapt at handling this.  ONCE I announced "I am ready-let's go," he would THEN begin to get ready.  REALLY--I am out here SITTING in the car---WAITING!  Whatever you might think---men DO primp as much and sometimes MORE than women!

Each marathon I ran, entailed 18 weeks of training.  LONG WEEKS OF TRAINING-piling up mile after mile on these legs.  I always did all the training, and I also ALWAYS stood on the "Start Line" wondering if I was ready.  What else could I have done to be better prepared?  I felt physically prepared, but could I have done more?   One thing was certain-without preparation, I would never see the "Finish Line".

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY---for the little princess to make her royal appearance. Her Momma posted this picture on Facebook with a notice of eviction for Thursday.  I have spent time this week, wondering if I am ready.  Are the meals all cooked, are my clothes packed, do I have everyone's schedule straight?  Something tells me my sweet daughter is not in a tizzy--but instead enjoying the anticipation of meeting her own baby daughter.  She is emotionally prepared--what could be more important?

Perhaps the most important "Are you ready?" that will ever be asked of us is the one at the final finish line.  Have you made all the preparations, have you checked your list, have you done all that needed to be done?  The Finish Line has a judgement seat directly behind it---am I ready for that day of judgement? My Good Friend, Victor, wrote a post on "Purgatory" recently here.  While I do not agree with the concept, it does call to question how we have lived our lives and our ultimate accountability.  I am clinging to G R A C E --but in the time left--I am also continuing the pursuit of finishing well.  Spiritually I am prepared for the final finish line.

 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus
Phillipians 3:14


  1. How VERY exciting, Grandma! I love your daughter's 'notice of eviction.' LOL Praying that all goes very well. :-)

    1. We are excited to meet our little nugget tomorrow, Judy. Five grandsons and FINALLY a princess!

  2. Hi Lulu! What an exciting time in your lives! (Your daughter is adorable, btw!) I have never heard of the term 'eviction notice' when it comes to pregnancy, but I have the feeling it's a shared desire once the due date is in sight!
    Being ready...can we ever feel like we do enough? Pray enough? You do the hard work of preparing for a marathon, and that's really a great metaphor for life. Our years here are like a marathon...sometimes on flat ground, sometimes grunting through the hills and climbs. I think if we stay on the course, that's all that can be asked of us. The rest we must put in God's hands, don't you think? I am so limited in understanding, I have to trust that he will form me.

    Prayers that all goes well for you, and for your sweet daughter and new granddaughter!

    1. I pray someday the words of that great scripture may be said over me, Ceil--"I fought the good fight, i finished the race." ALL for HIS Good Pleasure!
      Blessings, Friend!

  3. What a beautiful, pregnant mother!! Lifting up prayers for safe delivery of a healthy princess. Prayers for you as you become the household "Nanny" & care-giver for Camille. Thank you for the spiritual life-application of "Are You Ready?"

    1. Thank you for your prayers---I WILL NEED THEM! NOT a spring chicken anymore!


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