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Another great truth this week, from The Little Man-

It can be quite the struggle to get The Little Man to give up--close his eyes--and go to sleep.  He sleeps in a crib at home, so he is trapped--well except for the fact that he can now climb out of said crib. His mom reports--especially at nap time and early in the morning--it can take a few times of putting him back in his bed to do the trick.  When he comes to stay with me, I sleep with him on a day bed.  I wedge him in next to the back of it and try to trap him in the bed.  

We have a nightly ritual.  After a bath and leaving two inches of water on the floor after showing me how he can swim, I chase his bare little bottom around the house in an effort to dress him for the night.  He thinks all this is a great game--I am grateful for a small house and few places to hide.  Then we pull out the laptop and watch some videos of mind numbing and intellect dulling cartoons.  He is especially fond of choo choo wrecks, fire truck chases, and car/truck crashes.  None of this "Baby Einstein" stuff for the Little Man--he prefers action and heart pounding thrills---it gets you in the right frame of mind for sleeping.

I FINALLY give up---turn out all the lights--turn off the computer--and get in the bed.  Except for the city glow which seeps in around the blinds, it is pitch black.  Perhaps NOW he will get the hint.  I pull the covers up under our chins--he promptly kicks his off--and I grow quiet.  In the hush of the dark night this little voice says, "DARK".  "Yes, it is dark and it is time to go to sleep," I tell him.  After a few minutes, I think perhaps I have succeeded, and then "HEY!"  I "Hey" back at him and say, "Lulu is right here, now go to sleep."  One more "Hey" and then finally I  hear those deep breaths signalling he is finally out.

As I wait to be sure he is completely out before reading my book, I begin thinking what has just happened.  We live in a dark world---a fallen world--and what we want more than anything is to feel safe and protected.  To know someone is there with us--watching over us--holding us--loving us.  How thankful I am of the assurance of the constant presence of The Father.  No matter how dark--when I feel the dangers and threats of the world closing in--I am never alone--He is always-always here with me. 

The eyes of the LORD are in every place, Watching the evil and the good. -
Proverbs 15:3


  1. How true your post is. I don't know what to say about the little man and his night time ritual...we didn't have those issues...Blessings

    1. It is indicative of his personality, Linda. He is SOMETHING else!
      Bless You, Friend--Praying for your BIL!


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