All of the little grands LOVE to play Hide & Seek.   I enjoy being the seeker--all you need do is make noises as if you are seeking while pretty much whistling "Dixie".  SHAME ON ME!  In my defense, I learned that trick from their mother!  It is a win-win,  they think they have hidden so well I cannot find them and I have a couple of moments of breathing time.

Recently the Little Man came for a stay and I missed him--in my tiny house--how could that happen?  Having given him a flashlight, he had crawled into the hamper and was hiding.  He loved thinking he had pulled the wool over Lulu's eyes.  

His hiding can be as innocent as putting his chubby little hands over his eyes.  He thinks if I can't see you--then you must now see me.  He delights in pulling those hands away and crying, "BOO!"  As any good grandmother, I always squeal in surprise.

We adults are good game players as well.  Somehow we get the mistaken notion we are hiding and not seen when the only one we are fooling is yourself.  If no one sees us, then did we sin?  It is the old tree falling in the forest riddle.  Was there a noise if no one was there to hear it.  CERTAINLY there was a noise--and yes all the trees in the path of the fall as well as the underbrush in the fall zone were impacted with the fall.  The path of destruction is wide and far reaching and the absence of a pair of eyes to see or a set of ears to hear does not lessen that destruction.  We cannot hide from the consequences of our hidden sin.

There are NO secrets from God--only from man.  We cannot think a hidden sin has no consequences.  There are always consequences--some current earthly consequences and always eternal consequences.  The practice of confession by the Catholics is a good thing--NAME IT AND CLAIM IT!  You must verbally put a name to your sin and then ask for forgiveness.  No broad strokes of "all my sins"---state exactly what it is, make it right with those who have suffered, and then ask forgiveness.  The one, two, three of being forgiven and unless I forget--GO AND SIN NO MORE--turn from your sin.

God does not play games--He is a righteous judge.  There is no hiding from Him and He is always seeking to draw us nearer.  God desires a closer relationship with us and that means--NO GAMES---only truth.

“Can a man hide himself in hiding places
So I do not see him?” declares the Lord.
Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?” declares the Lord. 
Jeremiah 23:24


  1. What a lovely post Lulu; encouraging me to comment on so much you say.

    But first of all - a GREAT thank you to you for the wonderful write-up you gave my book "To Love A Priest" on the AMAZON website. I did not know you did this or else I would have thanked you much earlier. You are a very kind and generous person and I am grateful for what you said about me. Did you know I have other books in the series available FREE to download from my website? Check out WWW.HOLYVISIONS.UK

    Now back to your post which reminded me of the visit of our grand-niece this Easter. She is 2 years old and she'd been given a small cooking set of pots and pans and utensils as a gift. I sat there on the floor for ages as she "cooked" over and again a meal which she insisted we all tasted. Children are so much fun and they certainly keep you busy.

    About the tree in the forest - did you know that if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to see it then it remains standing? Honest it does.

    About Catholics and their confessions to a priest. Here's what happened to me at my last confession - http://www.catholic365.com/article/880/my-confession-and-penance.html

    God bless you Lulu; and thanx once again.

    1. OH, VICTOR! Well deserved praise on your book & your post on confession had me chuckling. You have that remarkable gift of always leaving me with a smile on my face.
      BLESS YOU!

  2. When it comes to hide and seek, I like to be one of the many who are hiding and waiting to be found. Easier that way.

    mmm ... applicable to real life? I'd have to think about that for a minute or two!


    1. It does cause us to pause and ponder, Dear Friend!


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