One of my favorite television shows, way back in the day, was “The Twilight Zone”.  Each episode began with an explanation of alternative worlds beyond what we see day to day.  The star always experienced a transport to the bizarre world beyond his home and even his imagination. 

I recently passed through Ruston, my home for 47 years, for a very brief visit.  It is always wonderful to see old friends and family, but I have only made 4 visits back since my move two years ago and that includes this pass through visit.  Initially, in the beginning months after my move, I was very homesick and thought I should give Fort Worth a chance before running back to the familiar.  In the past year, the busyness of babies and moves have kept me close to Fort Worth. 

The discovery I made while in Ruston is it does not feel so much like home anymore.  Oh for certain, the family and friends have not changed—and we can pick up where we left off and not miss a beat.  The change seems to be in the feeling of living in community which comes with living life together.  No longer involved in community activities, nor sharing life in the community, the bond of hometown is beginning to fade.  A brief ride up and down a handful of streets confirmed Ruston has gone on and I have become a memory of the past.

Contrast this with two years in Fort Worth.  It is a dramatic difference in living in the “Big City”.  My endeavors to become involved have led to pockets of community, but the city is too large to become known in this brief period of time.  So my home is in Fort Worth, but Fort Worth does not feel like home yet.  What 47 years accomplished in Ruston, will not be copied in 2 years in Fort Worth. 
So I have the feeling of having a foot in two different worlds, and neither foot is firmly planted.  I am living in the Limbo Land of No Real Home.  Oh, Fort Worth will become home, if I continue to take steps to become planted and live long enough to see the growth of community.  At this time, I am quickly moving away from the home in Louisiana, and slowly building the home in Texas.  Bottom line—I still have a foot in two worlds.

It brings to mind my spiritual home.  I have two feet firmly planted in the physical spiritual world, but my heart and soul long for the eternal home of Heaven.  Oh, I love life and all I have been blessed with, but I long to see Jesus.  To become a full time citizen of the Heavenly home of my Savior and Almighty God-to know the joy and contentment which will wash over me when I step through the threshold into my heavenly home.  Until then, I will remain here—in my earthly home—and continue to seek His presence as I walk the path to my promised eternal home.  A foot in two worlds--—with the earthly foot always ready to push me into the heavenly home—at His call.  In a moment’s notice, I will truly be Home. 

Meanwhile we groan, longing to be clothed instead with our heavenly dwelling,
II Corinthians 5:3


  1. Oh, how I can relate and understand this post...truly I can. Thank you Lulu....thank you. Blessings

    1. Some will truly "get it", Friend! The hope of the future.
      Blessings, Sweet Friend

  2. As I continue to transition, your words bring a perspective I need to hear and absorb. Thanks for lighting the way just a bit for me, Lulu ...

    And for sure, the hope and surety of our spiritual home is a solid anchor of comfort and peace in the midst of all the craziness of feet in 2 different worlds.

    1. You know of what I speak, Friend! Keep putting that next foot forward and always remember the truth!
      Blessings, Dear Friend

  3. It's funny, I feel more at home here (SE Georgia) with my dear husband than I ever did growing up in Florida. I'm so grateful to be out of that town and away from the abuse. Georgia is my home and I ain't leavin'! (so much for good grammar ... ha ha) I think with time you'll feel like FW is home. Hope so. Maybe most people look back on their youth with affection and remember it through Rose Colored Glasses. I don't have those memories. However, I completely understand about straddling both worlds. We are His Ambassadors in a foreign land. I'll be overjoyed when it says my term of service is over and I can be with Him forever. ~:)

    1. Amen, Sparky, the best is yet to come !

  4. This is a wonderful post Lulu. Yes, whilst we are here on earth, every step we take is in preparation for the next life with our Creator.

    Thank you for visiting me and alerting me that the video did not show in the US. Don't know why - copyrights reasons perhaps. It's a song you'll be familiar with. Youngbloods - Get together and love one another right now. I've changed the video. Does the new one show OK?

    God bless you, Lulu.


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