I have noticed a trend when describing oneself to say “I am spiritual, but not religious.”  REALLY??  How do you accomplish that? There was a time when I declared no need for church, since I could worship in the beauty of nature as well as church.   I Perhaps that comes under the heading of “Manufacturing Your Own Faith.”  Basically your faith is what you think faith should look like and what is most pleasing to you.

One of the books I am reading had this to say, “She was raised in the church, she had been baptized when she was ten, she didn’t break any commandments on a regular basis, and she didn’t vote for any candidates who had affairs or didn’t like dogs.  As far as she was concerned, that was above and beyond what God expected from people anymore.”  

We begin to look at our faith as a one, two, three and you are in for life.  Somehow we have managed to leave God out of the equation.  Walking the aisle at ten guaranteed our salvation and left an open playing field for the future.  Our rewriting of the rules creates an adulteration of what God in all His authority proclaims.

I heard a sermon by Dr. David Jeremiah this week concerning how we know we have been saved.  There are only two things necessary according to him-
1.   Know and understand who Jesus is and what He did for you and the gift you were given by accepting Him as your Savior.
2.  Live a life filled with a sincere effort of following what He says in His Word and seeking a deeper relationship with Him. You will be known by your fruit.

Seems pretty simple—but is it?  When someone meets you do they know you are His?  Do our actions reveal us to be among His Chosen, or do they say we are spiritual but not religious, as we proudly go about manufacturing our ideal life.

#1 Daughter and I bounced this topic around and came up with some interesting observations. 
His Word leaves no doubt we are to be in community with other believers.  Struggling with where my church home should be, I miss the fellowship and building up The Church bestows.
We are given gifts for the edification of The Body---the Bride of Christ—the church.  He lavishes us with the gifts and we are privileged to share our bounty in acts of service. 


God desires to be in a personal---one on one—relationship with us.  Henry & Richard Blackaby’s book Hearing God’s Voice addresses His desire to communicate with us and how we are able to hear His voice today. 

Perhaps the problem is we hesitate—no run from being in a personal relationship with God.  If we open ourselves up to the nearness of God, we are forced to abandon our plans and walk the path He has for us.  Giving up our control and what we think is best goes against our inclination to sit upon the throne.

Moving beyond Step One-I need to go back to the basics—get off my throne—acknowledge Him for Who He is and seek His face.  Time to abandon my plans—and seek Him and His plans—striving toward sanctification until He calls me home.

You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act.

Matthew 7:16


  1. Another great thought provoking post, Lulu. Have a beautiful Thursday. Blessings

    1. Love to make others think as much as I do!
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. I agree with Simply Linda, though provoking as always. Hope your day is blessed and flood-free. ~:)


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