Today's guest blogger is the wife of the dynamic writing duo of the Woods Family, Cindi.  They share a blog here.  Talent plus Talent in this marriage--I love to read both of their blog posts and encourage you to do so also.  This is a sample of her brilliance-
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Anyone who knows me well is aware of my greatest fear—driving off of a bridge and plummeting into the water.
A few years ago, my son Walter even bought me a “Hammer of Life.” This tiny but effective tool will enable me to either smash my window for escape if the dreaded should ever occur…or beat myself senseless and die in peace.
Olympus Has Fallen
While on vacation in Breckenridge I received an audition request for the film,Olympus Has Fallen. I was asked to read for the part of “Margaret Asher,” first lady to President Aaron Eckhart.
As with 97% of my auditions, I did not land the part. I took comfort in the fact that at least I was beaten out by an L.A. actress, Ashley Judd. I’m certain my being passed over had nothing to do with my anemic resume or the quality of my video tape. The best lighting in our rental house was in the bathroom. Anytime you have to say, “Be sure not to get the toilet in the shot,” your chances of success go way down.
Having learned the art of “move on and keep working“, I let go of the Ashley Judd thing quickly. One Friday night last year the family sat down to watch Olympus, to see how I was robbed out of my role. Ashley wasn’t on the screen long before the plot killed her off. But it was the way in which she met her demise that left me in a cold sweat. While driving to a fundraiser, the First Limousine was involved in a horrific crash. The President was saved. Ashley…not so much. She ended up stuck in the car…UNDER THE WATER!
When I regained consciousness, the boys and I discussed the giant bullet I had dodged by losing out to Ashley. (See how I make it sound like I ever had an actual chance?)
All this begged the question: Could I suck up my fear if an opportunity I really wanted was offered to me?
We’re not just talking a watery death here. It’s easy to sit back and criticize the work of others, moan about our unappreciated abilities, or blame our circumstances for why we are not achieving_______. That is until someone says, “Come on, let’s see what you got.” How quickly we then back into our hole of excuses…clutching our “hammer of life.” (I own it, but I never want to have to use it.)
Truth is, I might kiss Ashley flat on the mouth if I ever met her in person. (Well, right after I asked her what was the deal with all the sweat in A Time to Kill?! We know it’s hot in the South, but that makeup artist must have been oiling up body builders prior to this gig…’cause Mrs. Brigance was always sopping wet!) But after that question, a kiss of thanks…for robbing me and saving me. More than Ashley robbing me of a role in Olympus,  she saved me from a life of dismissing chances out of hand merely because they scare me.
I am trying to be brave and put myself out there with actual people who could offer me opportunities to further my writing. However, I confessed to Len a few days ago I have already planned an exit strategy if someone calls my bluff.
Hopefully, the more we drive over the bridges necessary to get us to the other side, the easier it is to agree to the intimidating journey. But be prepared. Our greatest desires often hide behind our biggest fears.

A HUGE thank you to Cindi for filling in for me today!


  1. Great post, yet again. Thank you for featuring guest writers, I have enjoyed reading them. Blessings

    1. Love reading all these talented people including your words, Friend!

  2. That was good! Enjoyed it. Cindi has a real talent. Hope she keeps writing. ~:)

    1. Yes, Sparky, she is a very talented lady--and tomorrow her husband weighs in!

  3. Creative and clever, thought provoking and funny, well intended and wise all rolled into one. Facing our fears/disappointments and getting past them is a lifelong pursuit. Thank you Cindi for being so forthcoming and trusthfull and not be completely and forever devastated by failure and fears and disappointment. Thanks for showing us how to grow up.


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