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Saturday, July 11, 2015


I began hiking with my buddies in 2007---WOW!  Time flies when you are having fun!  The first group went the year before-so next year will be my 10th anniversary of these adventures.  

2014-Maine & New Hampshire-White Mountains
2013-Colorado - Maroon Bells
2012-Europe--I missed the fun
2011-Missed the fun-but they went to Western Canadian Rockies & Victoria Island
2010 Snow Skiing in CO
2009-Cascades & Mt Baker in Washington State
2008-Glacier Park--US & Canadian sides
2007-Banff, Canada
2006-Banff, Canada

Here is a short slide show of some of the sights we have been blessed to view---

Snow Skiing

Above 3 are from Maine/New Hampshire in 2014

The absolute best thing about all these trips-sharing it all with dear friends.


  1. Except for the hiking part, it looks like fun. I don't think either of our knees could take climbing anymore. Hubby and I stick to walking on level ground now. :) Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

    1. Sparky, I am not table to hike the distances I once did, but still love every second!
      Happy Saturday, Friend!

  2. Beautiful, Lulu...thanks for sharing. One day we shall get to Alaska. Have a beautiful Saturday, my friend. Blessings

    1. Yes, you will. I didn't start all this hiking until I was mid 50's--so you have plenty of time!
      Happy Saturday, Friend!


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