Our path of pain began in the Garden with the sharing of the apple.  Unable to withstand the temptation of what had been forbidden and we took a bite and the pain began.  The age old question of why we must endure pain has a really simple answer-we live in a fallen world.

We forget that from pain beauty sometimes comes--good is found.  In our desperate attempt to avoid all pain at all cost, we overlook the truth of the end result of enduring the unavoidable.

Childbirth is a classic example.  If you have not experienced "birthing", I invite you to try Bill Cosby's recommendation and pull your lower lip over your head.  Before doing it though, you need to ingest some of that delicious colon cleaning concoction to enjoy several hours, at least, of cramping. YES--it is bad---BUT the prize at the end of the pain makes it all bearable.  We ate the apple, Ladies, so we endure the pain. 

Cuts and broken bones are painful.  When they heal though, we have stronger connective tissue and bones than ever.  Our body reacts to injury in a marvelous manner--making the scar stronger than before.

Every athlete will tell you work outs are painful!  The prize as you cross the "Finish Line" is not won without pain.  Every session of power lifting is painful and I limp in the door after long walks.  It is absolutely true--NO PAIN-NO GAIN!  The result of enduring the pain is a better quality life, so the pain is a small price to pay.

The pain of loss must be endured by all of us at some point in our lives.  There would be no pain without love.  How much better to have lived with love and endured the pain of loss, than to live in a loveless void.

Pain comes in all shapes and forms--physical and emotional.  There are stories upon stories though of new beginnings after great pain.  New beginnings with a changed--and in many cases-better life.  We learn from enduring pain.

The greatest example of pain bringing beauty--good--new beginnings is Jesus.  He endured pain beyond our mind's comprehension--so that our life might be eternal.  A better life--hope for the future--a life with Him. "From devastation comes new life." 

Life is filled with pain--but-Thankfully- there is life beyond the pain.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.
Romans 8:18


  1. Beautiful, beautiful post, my friend. Thank you for sharing...Blessings sweet friend...

    1. So glad there is joy beyond the pain!
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. It's good to remember that there is joy after this veil of pain and disappointments thanks to what Christ has given us for free. Another good lesson. ~:)

  3. This Veil of Pain which tries to hide the joy !
    Blessings, Sparky!


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