If it is glaciers you want to see, Alaska is the place to be!  I lost count and certainly cannot remember the names!  For a rest day on our Alaskan Adventure, we took a cruise in Prince William Sound.  We eased up to that huge river of ice and listened and watched as it shed large blocks of ice into the water.

Some of us were concerned about being seasick and used motion sickness prevention patches.  That lead to a few of the tired adventurers taking a little siesta.  HEY--it's not easy following this group around and the rocking of the boat was a gentle lullaby to exhausted hikers.

Some of those in better shape than me--actually hiked to a glacier and then walked on the ice field.    

And then there was my friend, Susan, and me who opted for a helicopter ride up to the glacier---NO SHAME!

Here is a little glacier trivia for you---a hundred feet of snow will compress down to 8 inches of ice on these mammoth rivers of ice with time and pressure.

Having also hiked Glacier Park---this was absolutely unbelievable to see so many glaciers in such a short period of time and in such close proximity to each other.  I suppose the fact it was much further north than Glacier Park plays a role in that.

As you gaze at the rivers of ice and hear the historical and scientific facts-it becomes quickly apparent you are gazing at history.  You are seeing the wonder of God's creation LONG ago--before your very eyes.  And yet as you watch, the creation is melting and running into the ocean.  Even these monuments created over thousands of years--will eventually melt and be absorbed into the vast bodies of water at their base. 

There is nothing of this world which lasts forever and some things disappear in the blink of an eye.  Only God is timeless---eternal---endless.  He gives us the great gift of the hope of eternal life also---and with a simple prayer it is ours to receive.  Our lives are inching forward--to the edge of extinction--unless we choose the gift of eternity.

 The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.
I John 2:17


  1. I have really enjoyed your photos and your trip, Lulu. I bet photos really do not do the beauty justice, though, does it? Have a lovely Tuesday, my friend. Blessings

    1. No, Linda, it is like trying to find words to describe who God is--IMPOSSIBLE!
      Blessings, Friend--hope you are enjoying your break!

  2. Just reading this post makes me feel very cold. You really are adventurous Lulu. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

    God bless you always.

    1. It was a wonderful trip, Victor! I came home to 100+F heat indexes-MISS that cold weather!!!
      Blessings !

  3. Gorgeous. One of the Must Dos on my Bucket List.

  4. I'm so out of shape now, that would be me napping on the table. It's been fun getting to see your trip to Alaska. It'll be interesting to see where y'all go next. ~:)

    1. Those were the ones in the best of shape, Sparky! I think it was the motion sickness patch--though I had one and kept on trucking! Oh we are planning next year's adventure already!


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