Our hikes through rocky mountains have been an experience like no other.  You cannot imagine the grandeur of being in the midst of those mammoth slabs of rocks.  As we walk the trails, we are often met with boulders which have to be gone around or over to continue along the trail.  We often sit upon one of these giants and enjoy a break or our lunch.  Over the years we have slowly taken them for granted and thought nothing of the potential risk behind each great stone--weighing tons upon tons.

We grab those boulders---we push off those gigantic rocks---we even stand on their tops for the best of views.  We never pause--we never consider--the potential for danger--or the possibility of what they might do.  Oh, occasionally I briefly think--what a mess is would be to break a bone here in the wilderness.  And then I go on my merry way--without blinking an eye to what might happen.

We could never budge them for one inch--their weight is so great.  If we pushed or pulled with all our might we have no hope of moving them even a fraction of an inch.

And then I hear a story of a friend's son who was hiking--out on a day hike--with no need for ropes--nor safety equipment.  For what harm could come as you trek along the trail so many have traversed before you?  And then the kick of one small rock at the base of one of these giant boulders, causes it to move---and he is trapped.  This story has a happy ending--not without the help of rescue teams and helicopters and surgeons--but the young man survived what could have been bad--very bad.  Who would ever think--moving one small rock could precipitate the chain reaction which brought near calamity?

This story is a lot like life, if you think about it.  We are out on the trail--trekking along--and we grow accustomed to the danger around us.  The enemy, who seeks to kill and destroy, lures us into the self deception of all is right and there is no wrong--no danger-we have it under control.  Then we begin to walk closer to him, why even reach out and touch those things he holds close, all the while believing we are safe.  Then one day--we pick up this one small stone of his--never dreaming it holds the boulder next to it in place.  And PRESTO---he has us trapped under the huge weight of the burden of the boulder--named sin.  How much better had it been if we had heeded the warnings--stayed away from the danger--and never risked our life.  But all we wanted to do was move that one small rock.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.
John 10:10


  1. What you stated is so very true. There is danger all around us and sometimes from some of the most unlikely places.
    One could also draw the analogy with the small rock that can cause a land slide. Kick on small rock (say an unkind word, drive drunk / texting / impaired, tell a 'small' lie, etc.) and it can have a snowball effect where suddenly one is engulfed in trouble! We have to put our faith in The Rock, Jesus Christ, and pray we cause no damage on life's pathway. ~:)

    1. It's a slippery slope and we need to always watch our footing. Great comment, Sparky!

      Enjoy your weekend!
      Blessings, Friend!


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