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Thursday, September 17, 2015


September is my least favorite month of the year.  The calendar flips over to September and we all expect Fall to be in the air.  The only thing in the air around here is heat and humidity.  August morphed into September with no change--except for the fact that we now walk the grands to school in the sauna like atmosphere.  I have grown weary of sweating and am ready for a few chill bumps--but those chill bumps are FAR IN THE FUTURE!  My friends from up North are bragging about short bursts of cool and I am praying for days with highs only in the 80's instead of the 90's.  The change of seasons is near according to the calendar, but my closet stays trapped in the shorts of sleeves and pant lengths.  September is a mere extension of the sweltering summer here in the South.  

We lost the grandfather of my children in September-my father in law for most of my life----we lost my sister in law in September-the mother of my two nieces and wife of my baby brother in September---my marriage began its final death march in September - with never a chance for survival.  One September was spent working in the shelter with the Katrina survivors---listening to the stories of loss and despair and wondering how they would go on.  I have come to dread September.

September ushers in the dangerous part of hurricane season.  The summer hurricanes are usually only a warm up to the epic sized disasters which come with September and October.  The warmth of the Gulf stream is at its peak during these early fall months---perfect conditions for colossal sized storms.  The passing of August brings a false sense of security--since we all are home from the beach--but those who live there---make their lives there---know the danger which comes with the turning of the calendar.

I would surely like to pass on September--just turn the calendar page over to October and move on.  HOW SAD!  Over 8% of my life---I live in dread of--because of a few isolated incidents in my life-with seeming amnesia about the great things which happened in September.    Allowing the bad and sad to rule my outlook of what is truly just another slice of life.


Yes--we lost Pappaw in September--but only after 90 years of life upon this earth---most of those he was going and blowing.  In the eyes of the world he lived a long life--in good health until the last few years--and he was true to who he was until he left us.  My sister in law left us too early---but she was a wonderful mother and wife.  Proud of her girls and rightly so, an accomplished and applauded teacher, and the woman who loved and made my brother happy--we celebrated a life well lived with integrity and truth when she left us.  Perhaps my marriage ended for good reason---I have faith it was all in God's hand and He allowed it to happen for His good purpose and my best interest.  The stories of Katrina are legion-good and bad.  What we all saw--was a coming together of resources from far and wide to aid and assist those who were affected.  An epic disaster brought about an epic servant response.

SO--instead of dreading the turn of the calendar--I have turned over a new leaf---I turned that calendar page with great anticipation of God's revelation of Himself.  Knowing how He has revealed Himself in the past--with each September occurrence---I pray this September will show me more of the Great God of The Universe--as I walk through this 30 days of the final chapters of my life.

The steps of a man are established by the Lord,
when he delights in his way;
Psalm 37:23


  1. "I have turned over a new leaf" - Is that one of the leaves that has just fallen off an Autumn tree, Lulu?

    I can understand the feeling how certain months, or sometimes certain places, or just hearing certain songs, can bring back dreaded memories and fears of theings long past; or yet to come. I know that for me this is true, and certain places hold bad memories.

    But let's not worry what tomorrow brings, be it in September or any other month, because God has already been there and has made it safe for us.

    God bless you.

    1. Amen, Victor! Faith He is on the moment !
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. Hi Lulu! That is a lot of loss in the month of September. But I agree that perspective is everything (I just wrote a blog post about that, to be live on the blog in the future.) . How we see our lives and the events and people turns to lead our feelings and reactions. It takes a lot of spiritual maturity to recognize that you can change your feelings about September. The Holy Spirit is moving in you my friend.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom,

    1. He is always teaching me, Ceil. Looking forward to reading your post on the same subject!
      Blessings, Friend!

  3. My bugaboo month is August for many reasons. One of which is it's the month my mother died. Another is it's so cotton pickin' hot one has to hide inside in the air conditioning. September I like, it's getting really nice in SE Georgia. But I do understand about attitude contributing to one's perspective about anything. If we go into anything with a joyful spirit, more than likely the end result will be more pleasant.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

    1. Amen, Sparky. I have seen God redeem dates in my life--which confirms exactly what you say!
      Blessings, Friend

  4. September is my melancholy month, when a certain feel in the air brings on thoughts of the past, both sad and happy. A time of remembering my childhood, friends and family. Most of my family have departed this earth and a few of my friends have too and my childhood has evolved into the last chapter of my life. I love the new title of your blog. It may be the last chapter of our lives but I believe God will put a few pages of joy in the chapter and hopefully the book will be long.


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