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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The path of life will sometimes lead us to a crossroad---the place in the road where a decision has to be made concerning the direction to be taken from that point forward.  I have been known to get stuck at the crossroad a few times in my life.  Other times I found myself in idle waiting for the best time to proceed forward.  The picture of a crossroad below has a bench sitting at the intersection of the roads.  An ironic pictorial statement of being stuck and camping out at the crossroad.

"Crossroads are dangerous.  You may get run over if you linger there too long." DE Stevenson.  So we have four choices at the junction of the crossroad.  Return the way we came---and as Ms Stevenson also said, "What's the use of moping about amongst the ruins of yesterday?" Proceeding forward on the road we began on or taking a new direction--either right or left.  I always plan on taking the right road--but there are times I was left scratching my head and wondering if I had made a wrong turn.

Here is the thing about those intersections in our lives---idling is not really an option---you WILL run out of gas!  Returning the way you came from is rehashing the past.  I always hated running out and back paths when running.  You see---I KNEW what the scenery was going to be coming back.  This leaves three choices in my mind.  Continuing down the path you are on--and perhaps that is a good choice if your journey has been successful and rewarding so far.  Or you might chose a new direction entirely.

I have gone off in new directions a few times---it can be scary--it can be intimidating--for you don't know what lies ahead---but it also can be an adventure which is an opportunity for growth and change.  AND--in most cases--you can retrace your steps and try the other path if you arrive at a dead end.

Play it safe or take a risk--but take a road---don't get stuck hanging at the crossroad.

God will show me the path of life. 
Psalm 16:11


  1. Crossroads moments. Yeah, they can be filled with an exciting anticipation. Or be laced with absolute fear and dread.

    I'm grateful that at those very moments, He is with us and knows which road we should take. I've just gotta follow His lead ...

    Thanks for this, Lulu. Good stuff.

    1. Perhaps the bench is a good idea---time to listen for Him.
      Blessings, Dear Friend!

  2. I don't recall being at the crossroads often. But I do believe in the saying: As one door closes another slams in your face. Also, knock and it shall be opened unto you. More often than not, when I knock the door opens outwards and hits me in the face!

    Great post, Lulu. Full of hope.

    God bless you. When you're next at the crossroads call on me for advice.

    1. Will do, Victor- need to know how to avoid doors slamming in my face!
      Blessings, Friend!

    2. I doubt very much this happens to you a lot.

      God bless.

  3. Another excellent analogy. We're at a crossroads right now, trying a new financial journey. We're venturing forward but with much trepidation. I keep reminding myself to put my faith in Him. Even a "failure" can be a victory if we just keep plugging along. Here's hoping all your crossroads are well marked. ~:)

    1. That 1st step down a different path can be terrifying, Sparky! Praying for wisdom as you take this new path, Friend!

  4. Awesome post! Such revelation! Thank you!!

    1. Just calling it like I see it, Julie!
      Blesdings, Friend!!


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