I cannot write "The Good and The Bad" and not think about that old movie "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly".  One of a series of "Spaghetti Westerns" made during the late 60's starring Clint Eastwood--it is a classic.

As my collection of posts on Thanksgiving draws to a close this week, I am asking myself the question--

Am I thankful for the good and the bad--why even the ugly?

This slapped me right between the eyes---and has almost lead to brain freeze.  How easy thankfulness rolls off my tongue when it comes to the good.  

     Three Wonderful Children---Thank You, Lord!
     Six Precious Grandchildren---Thank You, Lord!
     A Wonderful Extended Family---Thank You, Lord!
     More Sweet Friends Than I Can Count---Thank You, Lord!
     A Lovely Bungalow--Food On My Table--Clothes On My Back---
          Thank You, Lord!
     Good Health---Thank You, Lord!
     JESUS---Thank You, Lord!

And this is only the beginning of the list of all the good I am thankful for.  Countless times in a day--I lift a small prayer of thanks for all the blessings of life.  It rolls off my tongue with ease--and has become an automatic response.

The question then is 

Am I thankful for the bad--why even the ugly?

When bad things happen--how can I be thankful?  It sometimes seems as if others lead a charmed life---with nothing bad ever happening.  My distorted vision notices all the good in the lives of others and applies blinders to seeing the bad.  The truth is---if you live long enough--and get your head out of the sand---there will be bad things---sometimes perhaps even ugly things which occur.  And then the question begs to be answered---how can I be thankful for this?

This is when faith comes to play.  Faith in what our Great God has given us--faith in Who He is--Faith in His promises.  When children die--when disasters occur--when families are torn apart--when we see abuse--when we experience loss--when our pain is beyond our ability to bear--when illness becomes our life--when we are handicapped by any form of disability---when the world seems to be filled with evil---when any of life's unbearables occur---how can we be thankful?

By remembering who God is---what He has promised---clinging to the hope found in Him---trusting Him---acknowledging His great love for us--holding on for all you are worth---and knowing---trusting--hoping--believing---all things work for good for those that love the Lord.  THEN--oh yes--then---we can be thankful for it all---because HE WILL BE GLORIFIED in the good, the bad, and even the ugly---and HE IS GOD!

18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
I Thessolians 5:18


  1. You know Lulu, in this Thanksgiving week, (we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK), I was thinking of all the things I am and should be thankful for. There were many. Too many to count. But amongst them all was this Blog and YOU. Your writings here are very thought-provoking, inspirational and educational to me. Thank you.

    God bless you.

    1. It probably would be strange to celebrate Thanksgiving over there, since the Pilgrims were thankful for a new life away from England.

      I am thankful for our friendship, Victor!

      Bless You, Friend!

    2. Laughing out loud in public right now as I read this. Thank you for that. Love how you've written this. You don't really know how thankful you are (or how incredibly grateful for all the good) until you are given the opportunity to walk through the bad. Happy Thanksgiving. Counting my blessings more with each passing year.

  2. There's a lot to be thankful for, even 'the bad stuff' leads to something good when we believe in Jesus. Thank you for that reminder.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

    1. Yes-Sparky--ALL things will be used for His Good Purpose!
      It is a beautiful Fall day here--
      Feeling Blessed!
      Blessings to You!

  3. Hi Spiritual Twin! We are indeed running in the same track today my friend. Right down to the blessings and the confusion of the crosses. We'll get there though, won't we? Sometimes I'm awfully late to the party, but I come with firm intentions because I've wrestled mightily with getting to thanks from the heat of challenge. You know, maybe that's ok! It might make us more durable in the future.

    Happiest of Thanksgivings my friend, and I pray your Christmas Season will be an inspiration, and a place of joy and peace. Can't wait to pick up again in 2016 right here :)

    1. "Sometimes I'm awfully late to the party, but I come with firm intentions because I've wrestled mightily with getting to thanks from the heat of challenge."
      Amen, Ceil, well said!

      Bless You, Friend!

  4. Oh oh....I am afraid sweet friend, I fall in the latter part....I am having a hard time with the ugly part...this happened on Saturday:

    "Linda, we will be over on Friday to have your leftovers. AND you will take me Black Friday shopping." (from my mother in law---who is unable to tell us why their not coming for Thanksgiving--which we know, only she thinks we don't--they are going to my hubby's sister---which we never ever will be invited due to the fact we are not 'immediate family'--her/sil words, not mine)

    Oh oh...there goes that issue again...I am just having a hard time--presumptions/assumptions of hosting another event, and family, I am not taking her Black Friday shopping, you would have to shoot me for leftovers...even my husband is upset over that presumption. Sorry...pretty angry, aren't I?

    I hear you...and you are one of several friends who have posted similar things. To say the good Lord is NOT working on me, would be a lie...He is...all on His time, not mine. Blessing sweet friend...Happy Thanksgiving....

  5. One of the most important lessons I have learned is my anger gives control of my thoughts to the person I am angry with. NOW it is a battle at times , but I pray to let it go & move on. Praying you can say "No" with kindness and move on. As for your SIL- what does she answer when asked direct family medical history?
    Blessings, Sweet Friend!


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