IF ONLY--we had been born rich

Surely we would share our wealth with all those less fortunate.

IF ONLY---we had been born one of the "Beautiful People".

Surely we would remain humble and treat all others not so gifted with beauty the same.

IF ONLY---our fame for all we accomplished was known world wide.

Surely the notoriety would not go to our heads--but we would remain well grounded.

IF ONLY---our integrity and honor were a beacon of hope to all in our path.

Surely we would remain humble and true to our principles.

We all have some "If only's" that we are convinced our entire life would change --if only we could grab the elusive target we seem to always miss by inches.  

If only I were thin---if only I were smart---if only I were a -insert dream job---if only I had the right connections---if only I could sing like a bird---on and on.  We daydream ourselves out of reality into a fantasy world of everything different---if we only...

Everything will change about my attitude--my circumstances--my outlook---if only.

The truth is more than likely if our if only's were all granted--we would not change--or perhaps change would not be for the good.  We allow these "If Only's" to stymie our joy for life and limit our grabbing for the gusto.  We focus on what we wish we could have instead of the abundance of what we do have, and miss the blessing of what is staring us in the face.  

As I have aged, my "If Only's" have narrowed considerably--but there are a still a few secret longings I cling to with a grip of steel.  One of those is-

 If only you would read this blog and be lead to comment---if only.  But even if you do not comment, the knowledge the read counter gives me that many of you are reading should be enough.  And a comment---an added bonus--the brass ring---the golden apple--great--but not necessary to continue putting the pen to the paper.  It is enough to know you are reading.

So put those "If Only's" aside and live life to the fullest never expecting them and not allowing them to become an excuse for missing the blessing of the day.  A sure cure for the terminal "If Only's" is the acknowledgement of "But God" has blessed me with an abundant life--and moving forward with the expectation of more "But God's" to come.

My flesh and my heart may fail,
 but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Psalm 73:26

You will note I did not allow the temptation of April 1 to push me over the edge of ridiculousness-- 


  1. If only ... I were born rich. But I wasn't . We were so poor that when I was born my mother carried me round in a supermarket plastic shopping bag instead of a pram. And it was one of those down-market supermarket bags - not a posh one. I was literally so poor that when I met a beggar I asked him for money. I was mugged once as a child and the mugger gave me £4. We couln't afford any luxuries at all. We didn't even have a toilet brush. We used to tie a hedgehog to a stick and use that.

    If only ... Do you remember the poem by Rudyard Kipling - IF?

    If you can keep your head
    When all around you
    Are losing theirs
    And blaming it on you ...

    You'll be the only one needing a haircut!

    If only ... more readers would comment on your blog. I know what you mean Lulu. The thing is, as you say, many do visit our blogs and don't comment. Never mind, at least they visit, they are entertained and they learn ... about God! That's the wonder of your blog, Lulu.

    Let our blogs be the ones that Jesus would want to read.

    God bless you.

    1. The "Animal Rights" people will be knocking on your door after reading this---POOR Hedgehog!

      Thank you for always leaving me laughing---it is best to not take oneself quite so seriously!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Hey, don't feel bad Lulu. According to my Blogger Follower list, I have over 80 people, but only about 3 or 4 of y'all ever leave a comment. Maybe that's a good thing considering so many people's (lack of) manners?! Consider it a blessing. Plus, with my hand / wrist pain, typing is a trial now. I'll pay for this one to be sure. Anyway, excellent lesson. I needed this edification today. Feeling blue after paying the bills ... *heavy sigh*
    May the LORD bless and keep you. ~:)

    1. Have not thought abt my bills this month yet- perhaps I will wait until Monday so I can enjoy the weekend! Please comment with a brief word only to keep down the irritation of your wrists. Praying for answers & healing, My Friend!
      Blessings To You!

    2. Thank you Lulu. I think I have a partial answer to the pain already. God is so good, He's so good to me!!! Luv ~:)

  3. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

    I can honestly say Janis and I are not "If Only'ers". We are just playing the hand we've been dealt and enjoying the ride.

    1. That is an admirable trait, my friend! Proud to know you both & will use you as examples when I get the "If Only's"!

      Bless you both!

  4. You hit one of my other vices besides people pleaser, an if onlyer!!! If only I had done this or that or been more kind and less judgmental, made better choices etc. But I am attempting to do as you write: leaving all the if onlys in the past and striving each day to live life to the fullest. A good post and one to think upon. love you

  5. If only indeed! Great post, Loralu! How many times do we let those two words steal our joy?


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