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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I have had a life long love affair with potato chips.  What's not to like---they are salty, they are crunchy and they are made from a potato---NEVER seen a potato I didn't love.  While most of the world grows sweet teeth---mine grew in salty.  I crave a good salty snack--chips, peanuts, homemade fries, you put enough salt on it and I will eat almost anything.  If your body is the temple, I am a temple of chips.

The majority of the lunches I have eaten over my lifetime have been a peanut butter (crunchy, please) sandwich with chips on the side.  I LOVE peanut butter!  And I take my chips fully fried--salt does NOT stick to those baked excuses for a chip.   Thankfully I inherited skinny genes (not to be mistaken with skinny jeans-which I also have).  

  I still fit in those jeans I have had for a LONG time---though with a new washing they are slightly tight.  But I am as L O N G and lean today as I was 50 years ago.  It would appear from the outside that my consistent diet of junk food and peanut butter had not harmed me. 

According to my new doctor--that would be WRONG.  She is NOT happy with my numbers.  You know those numbers which appear on a computer printout and have strange letters and numbers by them.  While most of the numbers were normal (AS IF I could ever be normal), there are a couple she is NOT happy with.  She asked me about my diet---I told her I eat what I want---she was not amused.  She then asked me if I read the labels when purchasing food--- the discussion then began to deteriorate.  She advised I give up peanut butter and cheese---GASP--my two consistent sources of protein.  I failed to mention the chips to her.  Basically if it tastes good--do not eat it---but feel free to graze on all the grass you can hold or tolerate--whichever comes first.  Dr. Bossy Pants is raining on my parade---spoiling my party---taking the fun out of eating and forbidding all potato chips. 

So it seems even when things look good on the outside---they may be filled with junk on the inside.  A steady diet of potato chips for a lifetime has taken a toll and the knock out punch has been delivered.  So much like our spiritual lives---junk in will eventually sink the ship.    A steady diet of any form of evil---even when it is  beautiful--will  corrode the beauty of our souls.  A daily diet of the world and all it has to offer might temporarily give the illusion of beauty--but inside--where it is most important---we have a corroding vessel.  

So the new rule of the day-  If you want to be as beautiful on the inside as the outside--be careful what you ingest.  Meanwhile I am praying for a new tasty fat free --fried potato chip---miracles can still happen

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body
I Corinthians 6:19-20


  1. First of all ... WOW ... which one of the ladies in jeans are you? WOW again.

    I too love chips (although we call them crisps over here) as well as crunchy peanut butter with raisins or sultanas in the sandwich. I once saw Colombo on TV spreading peanut butter on a sliced bread and then carefully placing raisins on it. Really delicious. We also have fish and chips in the UK; that's fried potatoes (French fries but thicker cut potatoes) with plenty of salt and vinegar; or in Scotland with broon sauce (brown sauce).

    If you want real salty; try Marmite or Bovril. Not sure if available in the USA

    Ignore doctors. They are spoil-sports who always tell you there's something wrong with you. Just like car mecahnics. I confuse my doctor - whenever he asks me to go to the hospital for a blood test, I give my card to a friend who goes instead of me. At the hospital they don't check identity. They take the card and they ask you your name and date of birth only. So I send my friend to give blood, urine too, instead of me.

    A few months ago my friend was unable to go to the hospital; so he sent his wife to give blood instead, without telling me. When I went to the doctor for the results of my blood test he told me I was pregnant. He was amazed how it could be possible.

    He wanted to write a paper about me in the medical journal. I talked him out of it by saying I am Catholic and therefore cannot be pregnant at this time of the month.

    God bless.

    1. I am thinking over what you have suggested already, Victor! I will say---I do not have any volunteers to go have a needle stabbed into their arm and give several vials of blood. You must have much better friends then I am. I did laugh---if ONLY someone in perfect health would substitute for me!

  2. Hi Lulu! My doctor also didn't much like my cholesterol numbers last year. I guess I am close to taking meds for it. He suggested I 'watch my diet' which I have been watching. And not much else. Sigh...
    Sweets are my downfall, not so much the salty, although I have nothing against salt! It's hard to change deeply entrenched habits. I'm not in the same shape as you though, my weight fluctuates. So...time to rethink my bad habits. Thank you for the reminder! Best of blessings on your road too :)

    1. Yes, I longingly gazed at the peanut butter and chips as I grazed at the lettuce trough at lunch. SIGH---I am pretty sure I am not finished with this subject. As for the drugs--no thank you---no about those side effects!
      Blessings, Friend
      PS--Still praying for your tinnitus!

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