---I had a wardrobe malfunction after spin yesterday---GROAN!  You Girls ALL understand--and do not try to deny it.  We have ALL had those moments!  The current malfunction occurred after a sweat fest in spin class.  I am taking a brief stop before heading out to run errands--in the little girl's room.  Sweaty tight spandex type clothes lead to difficulty in getting things up and down--well in reverse order of course.  I walk out of the rest station and head down the hall--only to discover that various layers have not ALL come up.  Clinging to my sweat drenched legs things had gotten a little bunched up.  OH SNAP---thank goodness for my jacket to wrap around my waist.  Thankfully I was not on national television!

OH STOP---you know you have had those moments---I have seen them happen---walking around with your skirt tucked in your tights----a broken strap--vitally need for support---something as simple as a slip showing-(BACK IN THE OLD DAYS)---or the dreaded run in your pantie hose or the GASP tail of toilet paper hanging to the bottom of your shoe.  Be HONEST-We have all suffered wardrobe malfunctions.

All those years of running created GIANT wardrobe malfunctions.  Thank goodness for dri-fit finally coming along!  LONG years of chaffing, while wearing cotton, to the point of 1st degree burns were no fun.  Some of my mis-adventures in wardrobe included wearing the wrong socks the first marathon I ran.  I had blister upon blister on the bottom of my feet---the entire sole was a group of huge blisters-requiring a visit to the first aid tent and feet completely bandaged.  Then there was the marathon in a brand of shoes-NOT proven over years of running.  WHAT possessed me to run 26.2 miles in any shoe but my tried and true brand is beyond me.  I ran across the finish line and threw them in the trash can. 

It is amazing -KNOWING a blister is forming that we continue to run mile after mile with the offending sock-shoe.  All the while complaining--or not---but there being NO doubt the consequences of continuing.  Then there are the chaffing bouts---hot sweaty days--knowing the offending garment is rubbing me raw, I continue on.  I almost forget--but then I jump into the shower and squeal in agony.  Sheer stupidity!

Runners do NOT have a corner on this market---tell me you have not worn a pair of shoes which gave you a blister---tell me you have not worn too tight clothing which rubbed-wedged-chaffed.  Heels too high---clothing too sparse for the weather---no rain jacket in the rain  --on and on.  What could possibly cause us to endure all these mal-functions--leading to indignity-embarrassment--and flat out misery?  WHY PRIDE- OF COURSE!

We are prideful creatures and pride DOES come before the fall!  

First pride, then the crash—
    the bigger the ego, the harder the fall
Proverbs 16:18
The Message


  1. {{{Giggling}}} Yep...and try being 11 miles from home (at school) and no way to fix whatever, one does her best in circumstances, friend. Thanks Lulu, you have me laughing this morning.

  2. I read somewhere that nudists never have a wardrobe malfunction. Is that true?

    Thanx for that laughs, Lulu. God bless.

    1. Sounds as if that could be the clear story!


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