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Today, the multi-talented Bert is a chimney sweep and has been roped in to cleaning the chimney & babysitting--we women call that multi tasking.  He has solicited the help of Michael and Jane to cover the furniture in the parlor while he prepares his brooms.  The scene then changes as they all look up the chimney.

Jane looks up and with a hesitant voice of doom announces,

"It's awful dark and gloomy up there."

And ever the positive spin artist, Bert replies-

" There now. You see how wrong people can be? That there is what you

might call a doorway to a place of enchantment. "

And thus begins one of the best scenes from the movie as they P O P up the
chimney to enjoy the view so few ever see---the rooftops and skylines of
the beautiful city. And then---the lowly chimney sweeps--the winner of the
"World's Nastiest Jobs" award for the year--entertain us with a
rousing round of song and dance. Their lively rendition leaves us all tapping our toes and with
a smile on our face. They are happy with where they are and have found the
joy in what they do.

Photo Credit:Hollywood Reporter

In order to get to the rooftop experience, they all had to go through the
dark and dirty chimney---I HAD REALLY RATHER NOT! Life can be filled
with wonderful surprises on the rooftop, but we can only experience
them if we have the courage to go through the dark tunnel first.

As I have traveled through some of the dark tunnels in life, keeping my
eye upon the light shining at the end of the tunnel has seen me through
the worst of times-the darkest and gloomiest of times. The day always
comes when I P O P out onto the rooftop. And OH, how I appreciate the
view and the joy--of the rooftop experiences---especially after the
dirt-dark-and gloom of the tunnel.

So I remind you today--if you are headed through the gloom of the tunnel,
the door to enchantment will surely be at the end of the tunnel--AND OH
the glory of the rooftop experience!

 And the light shines in darkness;
 and the darkness comprehended it not. 
John 1:5


  1. As I walk through the dark tunnel and see the light at the end ... my heart beats faster with excirement ... at last ... the end of darkness and doom ... I run towards the light ... it is a train coming fast to hit me straight on.

    As I reach the door to enchantment ... as I prepare to knock and it shall be opened onto me ... I raise my hand and knock ... the door opens outwards and hits me in the face.

    Oh well ... at least we can smile and keep going. You make a good point here, Lulu. Whatever our circumstances are right now, we should always hold on to the hope that God is by our side and He will see us through the bad times.

    God bless you. Keep smiling ... it spreads hapinness.

    1. I laughed, Victor, for indeed sometimes the train does get me!
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. I loveeeeeeeeee that scene...but then again, Like I told you yesterday, I could watch that movie over and over...smiles. Thank you for the walk down memory lane. Have a beautiful day friend.

    1. You should rewatch it soon, Linda, I heard s new tidbit of Poppins wisdom each of the multiple times I did!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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