My next door neighbor has a precious 4 year old daughter who is my good buddy!  If my door is open, or if I am outside and she is home, she likes to come "Play" with Lora.  She quickly learned where the toys are kept and which cabinet is the kids' snack stash.  She likes to talk and has a wonderful imagination.  Bright and quick I see a great future for this little rock star.

One day recently she was over visiting while mom had a meeting.  Of course, we drag all the toys out, visit the snack cabinet several times, and color pages downloaded off the computer.  To be a little girly-girl, she delights in the boy toys I have in abundance.  When Mom came to pick her up, she was in a big hurry to leave.  Normally Mom cannot drag her out the door, but she was chomping at the bits to get home.  I noticed she had a big bundle when leaving, but thought nothing of it since she had brought her "blankie" with her.

Later that evening as I walked out of the house, here she and Mom come.  Mom made her tell me that she had taken a couple of the toys with her when she left-hidden in the blankie.  Now this little princess has more toys than you can shake a stick at, but wanted to take a couple of the ones I had home also.  As we talked about it, Mom and I both assured her if she asked, I would let her take anything home and play with it anytime.  All you have to do is ask for it.  Her mom used this teaching moment to instill right into her baby.  That was my smiling heart moment, to see this mom teaching her baby right.

When my grands come over, they always want to take something home with them from the toy closet.  There is something so enticing about the toys someone else has---and they covet what is not theirs.  I laugh and let them take them home--less for me to pick up after they leave--but also tell them, "There will be nothing for you to play with when you come if you keep taking the toys home with you."  I have been to their home, and know once it becomes theirs--it is quickly forgotten and discarded with all the rest of the stuff.  Once in their possession, it is not nearly as attractive and quickly looses its allure.

We are all born with a streak of coventing.  I want that house you have, the car you drive, the clothes you wear---and then we move on to the really big things---The wants are a progressive degenerative condition which only escalates as you experience getting what you thought you wanted and realizing the satisfaction is short term.   Unfortunately once we get one thing, it quickly looses its shimmer and we find ourselves moving on to the next want- which we are convinced will be the answer and all we need to make us happy.  Sadly some take the desire for more to a point of bankruptcy of finances and spirit.

Perhaps this is why God tells us "Thou shall not covet"  If we give in to our desires to obtain, at whatever cost, something which is not ours, we are doomed to a repeat performance. And then there are the bodies strewn in the path of our greed and the blackness of our soul filled with lust, which is a horrible sight.   God intends us to be satisfied-thankful for what He has blessed us with and for us to keep our blinders on and our eyes off our neighbor and his stuff.  Apart from God there will be no peace and contentment in our life--and all that stuff--it's just stuff.

"You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor."
Exodus 20:17


  1. Plenty of good lessons in this wonderful post, Lulu. Thanx.

    Is that your voice on the video?

    My neighbour has no slaves, cattle, donkeys or anything else I would desire. But his wife !!!

    His wife ... there's absolutely no chance on earth that I would desire or covet his wife.

    She frightens me. She is a very thin and tall woman always dressed in black. A long flowing dress that comes down to her feet. She has long black hair all the way down her back ... none on her head; just down her back. She has a long semi-crooked nose a bit like a parrot's beak.

    I sometimes hear her cackle rather than laugh in her garden. She's out there trying to sunbathe but to no avail whatsoever. As soon as she lies fully clothed on a couple of wooden planks the sun quickly hides behind the clouds in fear.

    Even nature itself is frightened of her. This year the birds have returned all the seeds they took from her garden last year.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you for my morning laugh, Victor!!

  2. Awww...I am glad her mom had a teachable moment and something tells me that the little one will not do that again, smiles.

    Loved hearing your voice, Lulu. Have a beautiful day friend.

    1. She has consistently asked every time since then!

      Weekend Blessings, Friend!

  3. Love that verse from Exodus! Nice post ♥


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