Recently the question was posed to me, "Do you think they will be judgmental?"  My flippant reply, "Do you care what they think?"

Those words have haunted my thoughts and hounded my dreams ever since I uttered them.  OF COURSE WE CARE!  As much as we would like to deny that truth and as brazenly as we thumb our noses at conventionality---WE DEEPLY CARE what others think of us.  If we did not care, we would never question what others think.

I do not like the feeling I am being judged--be it my martial status, my appearance, my intellect, whatever---it is not a good feeling to know someone has turned their nose up and cast the "Poor You" my way.  In most cases, those things for which I am judged --I had no control over.  Yet others feel the freedom to judge me without giving me the benefit of explanation.  Shame on them!

In my smug pious world, I loudly declare, I am not judgmental.  I never cast a disparaging glance at those with multiple piercing and metal hanging from every orifice.  I never doubt those standing on street corners with signs asking for money.  I never turn my nose up in disgust when someone who smells ripe stands in line next to me in the grocery store.  I always smile with delight when wayward children run amok in the waiting room. 

I AM GUILTY AS CHARGED!  I AM JUDGMENTAL and as badly as I hate to admit it, I have prejudices.   It comes down to this---we want everyone to act, smell, think, and look, like we do.  For after all we are always right!  Though some might disagree---VEHEMENTLY! 


SO what I found most distressing about my conversation about another being judgmental was not the fact that inherently we all tend to be judgmental, but the question was asked because we were speaking of a pastor.   We Believers have given the world the sad impression we are sitting around judging others and their actions.  Before you hastily deny this, remember where there is smoke there has been fire.  It wounds me grievously to know others look upon us as disapproving, judgmental hypocrites.  What we should be known for is our love for others--our acts of service, our compassionate spirits, and contrite hearts.  We should be confessing our humanness and sinful nature--allowing others to see our feet of clay.  We need to quit casting stones, and declaring judgment.    We should be loudly proclaiming the grace which we were freely gifted when we came up woefully short and threw ourselves on the mercy seat.   

What can be done about this?  A change starts with one person--ME.  If I change my attitude, my direction, my heart--then hopefully others will see my actions and be inspired.  My charge is to be the reflection of Jesus to those placed in my path--not their judge--nor their jury--but a fellow man in need of grace. 

Do not judge, or you too will be judged.
For in the same way you judge others,
you will be judged,
and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 
Matthew 7:1-3


  1. Oh wow, Lulu. This is a powerful subject you've put on the table today. I fear that us Christ-followers have become known for what we don't like, rather than Who we love. Our judgemental spirits do nothing but push people away from grace and mercy because we're not living those mandates out.

    Fabulous food for thought today. And action, too ...

    Where would any of us be without Jesus?

  2. Amen and amen! As hard as I have looked in the scripture, I cannot find where judgment of others is listed as one of the Fruits of the Spirit.

    1. We hasten to judge others to deflect from the reality of our own shortcomings. Sad!
      Blessings, My Friend

  3. What a subject ... and where do I start with my comments?

    Well, for a start I think that woman in yellow has a permanent bad smell under her nose. Perhaps she has an attack of flatulence. I advise her to keep running to leave the smell behind her. Unless the wind changes direction and then it will all come back to her again. Ah ... memories !!!

    For a start, Lulu, no one has a right to judge you, your marital status, the way you look, or dress, or what you eat, or even your good taste in visiting my blog. And indeed you should try not to care less about their opinions. Don't let them hurt you. Their judgements says more about them than it does about you.

    Yes, we are all judgemental in one way or another. I knew a judge once who was very mental. But that's another story. We all like to judge others in order to show, or prove to ourselves, our own superiority; real or imagined. But mostly imagined.

    It's indeed difficult to ignore others' judgements of us. And it often hurts what others say about us. I remember my uncle Tobias. He always used to say "Sticks and stones may break my bones; but words will never hurt me!" Then one day a printing press fell on him.

    No matter what others think, I and your readers think you're wonderful. God bless.

    1. Ah, Victor, this time it was not me being judged. The lesson came from a dear friend who was apprehensive about someone judging her. Your points are well made fit the most part and the rest of them gave me a great laugh!

  4. I think do unto others as you would have them do to you might fit this post. Ouch, this one set me back on my heels. We all are judgmental and think we are better, smarter,prettier etc than others. We are all alike underneath our skin just born into different circumstances. And we all need Gods grace and mercy. Good good post

    1. OR we don't feel very good about ourselves and try to pull others down to our level. YES---GRACE & MERCY!
      Blessings, Friend!


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