I Found Elvis

Turns Out He Has Been Hanging (Sideways)

With the Royal Philharmonic

All The Great Hits

And A Wonderful Backup

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And Then I Went

To See-With a Slant

At The Beautiful
Bass Concert Hall

After That Dip Into The Arts
Had A Day Of Historic Sight Seeing

Many Of The Small Texas Towns
Have Preserved Their Historical Court Houses
And Are Filled With Antique Stores

Saw this at the park yesterday

They Play Soccer 
A Little Different
Here in TX

When You're Down
It's A Problem

And Then I Did My Civic Duty

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

FINALLY--my new tenants moved in--

I negotiated this rental with a church committee.
They were looking for a short term rental for an interim pastor.
I was traveling when they moved in and
they were traveling when I returned.
We finally meet and it turned out they had held a pastorate in
I kept thinking their names were familiar, but until we talked it all over
had no idea they had lived in Ruston for almost 10 years and
have children the age of mine.




  1. I didn't know Elvis recorded with the Royal Philarmonic. That should be an interesting CD. Those baloons one wears round the waist look fun. I was really tempted to try one on at a recent Garden Fete; but I was told I'd look stupid.

    Here in the UK we have a system of "listed buildings". Old historical buildings are "listed" by the authorities which means they cannot be demolished, or altered in any way. There are various grades of listing - Grade A, B and so on. This means some buildings can be altered in the interior, (under supervision) e.g. have central heating or air-conditioning fitted, etc ... but not to such an extent that it changes the original fabric of the building. Some houses are also listed; especially if someone famous from ancient history lived there. This makes it difficult to alter anything if you live in one of them.

    I think they should also list people - especially old ones. This means you can't trip them down the stairs, or in the street. Instead, you should help them to cross the road whether they want to or not. I helped an old lady accross the road once. She was angry with me because, walking slowly, I made her miss her bus.

    God bless.

    1. You always leave me with a laugh, Victor - thank you! As for Elvis- in today's technical world, they seaparate his voice on the original recording from the back up and re-mix it with another -such as the Royal. The trick is they have to play to match his singing - since I assume he was not able to record - LIVe. Hey who knows perhaps he is still around! The Hood is a registered historical neighborhood. This means I can do nothing to the outside of the front of the house without approval .
      Weekend Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Ok, I am completely lost, lol...which is nothing new as I have wayyyyyyyyy behind in visiting. That is way cool your new tenants are from Ruston. Have a beautiful day friend.


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