As I Begin

To Prepare

My Heart

To Celebrate

This Advent Season


  1. We had Advent readings and hyymns at church today. They lit the Advent candles and put up the Christmas tree.

    We've put up our tree really close to the front window with the curtains open. All you can see from outside is the lights when switched on. Why is it when you pack the lights carefully the previous year, you find they don't work when you try them on the next Christmas. We have three sets not working. Do gremlins visit during the year and damage them so you have to buy some more?

    I wish you a very happy and joyfull Advent, Lulu. God bless you.

    1. DO NOT get me started, Victor! Dragging in a huge tree, putting it together and then finding it does not work makes me want to scream in frustration! OK--back to the calm--silent--joyful Advent thoughts!

  2. Hi Lulu! My daughter and family just left yesterday, after celebrating Thanksgiving with us. I feel a little behind in decorating my house and heart for Advent and Christmas. Well, I'll have to trust that God will get me there.
    I pray that the peace of Advent will cover our hearts and souls and keep us from hurry and being overwhelmed.

  3. Thank you, Lulu. This is one advent invitation I so want to say 'yes' to. The music speaks deep this morning and I appreciate where you've taken us.

    Advent blessings to you, friend ...


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