OH MY, the jungle drums have been humming this week.  It seems one of the neighbors was out walking their dog and a couple of dogs slipped from their fence and attacked the poor thing.  The neighbor tried to break it up and was thrown down--cut, bruised and clothes torn and his dog has bites with puncture wounds.  He reports this on the neighborhood hot line--email link--along with the street address of the offending neighbors  dogs.  THEN the stuff starts flying.  It would seem same dogs have attacked other dogs in the Hood.  Eventually the Hood policeman gets involved AND THEN---THE LOCAL HOOD personal injury attorney advises how legal proceedings could be necessitated along with his calling card.  THEN the vicious dog owner posts a response--AND THEN---  MY--MY--MY! This is better than television!   I will say---it is good to know where these dogs live as Hero and I walk by there often with the same two ruffians barking and trying to get out and to him.  We have changed our route to avoid the undesirables.  Would not want Hero the Wonder Dog to have to show them how it goes down.  NOW--we love our dogs in the hoods---BUT NOBODY LIKES A BULLY!

I took a road trip to Waxahachie (if you are not from Texas try to pronounce that one!)  My sweet sister in Christ has had two very serious bouts with her health including two stays in ICU--one for a month.  She is now home recuperating and SIL Nancy came to help for a week.   I spent the day with them and am happy to report her spirits are good and she is on the road to recovery.  It is ALWAYS a positive sign when you are speaking of the trips you plan to take in the future!

I spent a couple of days with this little cutie while the rest of the crew was away playing.  The kids had Friday off for Stockshow Day---I KID YOU NOT--every kid in the ISD gets a free ticket to the Stockshow for Friday.  That would be the day for me to NOT go!  Can you even begin to imagine??  Lucy & I are playing and chilling while Hero tries to stay out of her path.  I will try to not give her the idea she is being harmed emotionally by being left behind--BUT--just saying!

The BIG NEWS of the week---The Princess turned two.  We had another one of our serious celebrations resulting in all party goers needing eye glasses.

Headed back today for another night with The Princess while the parents slip out of town for a get away.  The boys are staying with the other grands.  It takes all of us grandparents to make this happen!



  1. It really is a problem taking the dog out for a walk when other owners are irresponsible. A relative of mine who lives not a 100 yards away from me has a problem with such dogs. Almost every day a dog owner walks his dog without a lead and the dog fouls the front garden. We have complained to the Local Authority and they say, because it is on private land (the front garden) they can do nothing about it. The front garden is not fenced to keep in style with the rest of the area. I suggested we put a camera and film the culprits (dog and owner - I hope it is not the owner who fouls the garden!!!) but they don't agree because once we have the evidence the Authorities will not act, and we have to take a private prosecution.

    In our area it is illegal to have a dog fouling the streets. You have to pick it up in a bag and place it in special trash cans dotted all over the place including the nearby park. This owner thinks it better to have his dog foul private gardens instead.

    God bless you, Lulu. Have a happy weekend with your family.

    1. We have the same city ordinance, Victor-I call it the poop ordinance . The Hood drums beat frequently over nit cleaning up after your dog AND there are many security cameras in the hood . The offending dog would be caught with his pants down literally!
      Blessings !

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to Princess Lucy, smiles. Have beautiufl day.

    1. She seems to have changed to a toddler overnight! Amazing!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  3. Hi Lulu! Oh my goodness, these dogs are a real danger in your neighborhood. How can their owners not see that? Ugh. I'm glad you changed your route so you are safe, and Hero too.
    I love seeing photos of your family, and Happy Birthday to your little one! The time just flies doesn't it? My oldest granddaughter is turning 5 this month, and it just amazes me. Only yesterday I was wondering why she was so slow to get walking. Ha!
    You are a wonderful Grandma to help with babysitting. What a precious gift to them, and to your grandchildren too. Your little granddaughter will have one on one time just with you. So precious!
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

    1. Bless you, Ceil! YES, they make my heart sing!
      Sabbath Blessings, Friend!


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