I was totally against adding any fur balls to my life.  Then Hero the grands' wonder dog needed rehab and a new home without stairs.  I now have eight pounds of adoration following my every move.

Hero loves me---WHY, you might ask?  Well to begin with I provide all of his basic needs--without being asked or begging.  The food appears in the bowl, there is a soft doggie bed -in case he decides to ever get out of my chair, and I follow him around the great outdoors on a leash as he sniffs EVERY blade of grass and leaf for our half mile stroll--make that a crawl.

I allow Hero to bark, snarl, and growl at all the big dogs from the safety of my arms, I chip up his joint supplement and hide it within his gourmet dog food, I even give him a treat after our thrice a day walks for doing his business outdoors--NOT on my rugs!  And then---when I sit---Hero gets picked up by walking over and giving me the above look of "SURELY?".  The thing I said I would NEVER do---allow a dog in my bed--happens every night.  It was nice to have him curl up by me in the cold winter months--but not so nice now that it has gotten warm.  I take Hero to the Pet Spa once a month for his spa day and make sure he has had his once a month medication for fleas and ticks (WHO wants fleas and ticks in their house?).  Hero LOVES me---and with good reason!  I am his protector, provider, and petter.  Hero loves me because he knows by my actions I care for him.

Look closely at Hero's side.  Collin showed me this recently--a heart.  Hero hearts me!

Love is a verb---it requires action.  Hero is confident of my love for him by my actions for his benefit.  He makes every move I make--follows me from room to room.  He listens intently when I talk to him and has learned key words such as "Are you ready for your WALK?"  "Do you need to EAT?"  "Let's go to BED."  He picks up my signals when I am leaving and tucks his tail when I tell him, "I'll be back."  Hero would like to be with me every minute of every day.  Hero is confident in my love and care for him.

So it is with our human loved ones, they pick up our signals and know from our actions our care for them.  My grands come running with open arms when I see them.  They know by my actions how much I love them.  I seldom cook for myself, but let any of the children and grands come by and I am all about cooking their favorite meal.  I get in the floor to play games and listen intently to their tales of glee or woe.  My actions show my love.

So it is with our Father, His actions shows His love for us.  He is our provider and protector.  All good things come from Him.  And when--the unthinkable occurs--the unbearable is thrust upon us--He is our Great Comforter.  The love we show to others is a small fraction of God's great love shown to us.  The greatest gift--grace---to ensure eternity in His presence is beyond man's ability to comprehend.  Jesus loves me--this I know--for the Bible tells me so!

But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, evenwhen we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ— by grace you have been saved—
Ephesians 2:4-5


  1. Hero must be a very clever dog. He has not moved one inch between you taking the first and second photo. That's very clever.

    Not like my dog. When I point to his doggie bed and say, "Go to bed!" He looks at my finger and asks, "Who is Ted?"

    He is supposed to be a fighting dog - Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Yet he is afraid of cats, pigeons, birds and everything. He has good taste though! When I cook or bake no one eats my offerings except him.

    As you say, God does love us and protects us. From more things than we dare to think and imagine. Although I suspect that when I pray, which is often, He says, "Oh not you again? Why can't you give me some peace for a while?"

    God bless.

    1. Not often do I have to disagree with you, Victor, BUT you are totally wrong---God relishes every prayer you send His way. Your acknowledgment of His omnipotence! As for your dog, he sounds like Hero--they are very smart! After all we are at their beck and call most of the live long day!
      Blessings, My Friend and Thank You for the laughter!

  2. Another one of my all time favorites!!! This really spoke to me today. At one time I thought my prayers were going no farther than the ceiling. All I could say or think was Jesus loves me. Love and miss you and praying you are safe.

    1. Read tomorrow's blog- I was going for Dorothy last night!! Love & miss you, My Sweet Friend!

  3. Hi Lulu! Like anonymous, I really appreciated your writing here. What a beautiful reflection on seeing the love of God in creation, in Hero and in your grandchildren. And yourself! You provide everything for Hero, just as God does for us.
    I love everyday reminders of the life of the Lord, thank you for helping me see it in your life!

    1. So thankful He is continually reminding me of His great love for me!

  4. "The thing I said I would NEVER do---allow a dog in my bed--happens every night. It was nice to have him curl up by me in the cold winter months--but not so nice now that it has gotten warm."

    Oh goodness do I understand this!!! And my Hero is "Lucky" in every sense of the name who weighs 50 lbs., not 8! Nice post and analogy!

    1. OH GOODNESS, lifting a 50 pound dog into the bed and on my chair would be quite the challenge, Vicky!
      Thanks for reading!


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