While listening to Lauren Daigle's "First" recently, I was struck head on with how backwards I have everything.  My prayers can become a litany of NEEDS--my needs, the needs of my family, the needs of other love ones, the needs of those I do not even know--but have been asked to pray for, the needs of the country, the needs of the world---you must get my drift by now.  I have been convicted of spending a great deal of time in my prayers in supplication.

There is not ONE THING wrong with intercessory prayer or praying for our own needs---God desires for us to bring the desires of our hearts before Him.  What this song convicted me of was how little time I am spending "Seeking Him"--coming to "Know Him", before approaching His Throne.  Far too often I am putting the cart before the horse.  Perhaps it would be best--to seek answers of Who God is and What His desires are before presenting my long list.  

When Jesus was asked how we should pray, He responded "Thy will be done".  How do we know God's will?  There seems to be only one way--by searching His Word.  Seeking His will parallels seeking Him.  By drawing closer to Him and searching for Who He is, we get a clearer vision of His will.

My long laundry list of supplications can please God--when prayed with the direct understanding of His omnipotence, His sovereignty, and His Will.  First I need to come to understand Who He is--and then how to pray--what to ask--will begin to line up with "Thy will be done". 

This is the confidence which we have before Him,
 that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 
I John 5:14

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  1. Somehow I missed this post...and thought, seriously, I didn't, sigh. I rather pray for others than for myself...although, lately, I wonder about things--nothing seriously--just things...just saying.


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