Recently Hero-The Wonder Dog and I were taking one of our three a day strolls when we found a neighbor bent over his flower bed pulling weeds.  My often repeated comment when I spy neighbors weeding their beds is


Amazingly, not everyone appreciates my humor.  Life is filled with never ending jobs as evidenced by these monkeys.  Dusting the furniture is an excellent example, meal preparation, grocery shopping, laundry, making the bed are also jobs surrounding our homes that have to be done over and over.

As I thought of other examples, personal hygiene such as teeth brushing is way up there on the list, bathing, brushing one's hair, and never forget the one dreaded by men and women both--shaving!

Our jobs have tasks which must be repeated over and over--for accountants most tasks are repeats.  Balancing the check register, preparing payroll forms, tax return preparations---we are record keepers and records have to be systematically updated.  Teachers have to grade papers, prepare lesson plans, line students up, prepare report cards---day in - day out.  There may be a few jobs which never require repeated processes--but something tells me they are few and far in between.

A great deal of our lives are repeated processes or steps.  Personally I think that is not all bad---within limits.  I certainly do not want to be a robot on automatic pilot day after day.  That's the stuff sci-fi thrillers are made from.  Those out of the ordinary experiences and days keep life interesting.  The unexpected often leads to the biggest adventures.  

Back to pulling those weeds.  My experience in the weed department is about the time I make the complete loop of weed pulling--even in my tiny yard---it is time to begin again.  Those weeds are prolific and the weed pulling is a perpetual task.  Some have deep roots--some refuse to be pulled and come out in bits and pieces and all of them never seem to go away permanently.  The weeds show up first, go away last, and grow the easiest.   It is a necessary nuisance to keep pulling the weeds to keep your garden beautiful.  If you neglect weed control, the weeds will take over and that beautiful garden you were so proud of will become a weed infested eye sore.

As I walked by the neighbor that day and made my often repeated remark, he surprised me with a response that I have been mulling over for three weeks.


This is a neighbor I do not know--but God used him to remind me of an important truth--we are all sinful.  It is a continuous process to keep sin at bay in our lives.  If we begin to neglect examining our lives and plucking out the sin-we will begin to look like the ugly weed infested garden.  When others glance upon us--they will miss the beauty of God's creation, because of the ugliness of the sin.  It is truly amazing how God teaches me---even using strangers in The Hood.

If iniquity is in your hand, put it far away,
 and let not injustice dwell in your tents.
Job 11:14


  1. What is a weed? It is an un-wanted plant. But why is it un-wanted? Is it our prejudice that makes a dandelion, or a buttercup, or a nettle un-wanted? Are they not all God's creations? Can you imagine how they feel being un-wanted? Growing there next to a prize petunia (whatever that is) or a rhododendron (don't know what that is either - I'm just copying the words from a gardening book), and having these posh flowers sneering down at them and saying "You're un-wanted weeds!"

    I feel sorry for weeds. That's why I let them grow all over my garden. (I hope you buy this story; because my wife doesn't!)

    As for weeds being like sins. What is a sin? I have never sinned in my life, so I wouldn't know. When I go to Confession the priest tells ME all his sins. He thinks he is prompting me, or reminding me, in case I have sinned those sins. But I think he is reminiscing about his sins.

    Have you ever sinned, Lulu?

    God bless.

    1. Ah, my Funny Friend, sin is straying from God's path. Yes, I confess I have sinned- I am willful and stray daily. Thanking God for the beauty of Grace!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Giggling over Victor. Thank you for the reminder, my friend. smiles

    1. His poor wife!! Bless her heart!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  3. The enemy prowls around, looking for every opportunity to devour us alive. Thanks for your gentle reminder to be very aware of sin, Lulu, yet to turn to the One who died for every last one we'll ever commit.

    He is able to keep us from falling. I am so grateful!

  4. Hi Lulu! Just one little response, and you are encouraged and supported in faith...that's the power of witnessing isn't it?
    I can relate to all the jobs we keep doing, over and over and over (cleaning the shower comes to mind!). How patient is our Father!

    1. I can't tell you how shocked I was at his response, Ceil! Why didn't I stop and pursue it further? Oh yes, I was being pulled along by the 8 pound wonder dog!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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