Recently I read a stream of conversation on social media debating emotional versus intellectual Christianity.  One friend does not think it a good idea to debate this on social media.  As I thought those comments over, I began to realize that right-wrong-or indifferent social media has become the mode of conversation in today's world.  I personally prefer to sit down and discuss ideas-but unfortunately I would never have the opportunity to sit with most of you.

This will be short and sweet.  After thinking this over and considering The Word, I have determined I am an "Emotional Intellectual".  Here is how I came up with that label.

We are created in God's image---we are emotional creatures--The Word tells us Jesus was emotional as well as His disciples.  Throughout The Word--we find emotion of all types.  Read Song of Songs, Psalms, the story of the money changers, praying in The Garden of Gethsemane, and on and on.  Emotion is laced all through out The Word.  Emotion is not a bad thing---I have found it to be breath-taking beautiful at times and filled with fire and spit at others.  If we are created in God's image---He is also a God who has emotion.

God gave us The Word as His instruction book.  Before we had The Word, He sent prophets and teachers who He directed us through.  Once The Word was sent and He caused it to be compiled into one book, we then had His teachings at our fingertips.  It became important to know what The Word said--the instructions are not suggestions, but instead His message to us on how to traverse this fallen world.  We are charged with spending time in The Word, studying what He has given us and applying it to our lives.  Head knowledge is essential.

When my emotions betray me, my head knowledge becomes essential.  I am an emotional creature and my emotions cannot always be trusted to be truth.  That is when head knowledge--the intellectual understanding of The Word is vital.  My righteous indignation has to line up with the instructions in The Word.  The warm feeling of God's love during worship does not always carry forward when I hit the cold hard wall of The World---BUT the assurance of His love is contained throughout His Word.  God is always truthful.  So when the world is falling down around my shoulders, all seems lost, and I call into question how God can allow bad things to happen---I KNOW what The Word promises--and it can be counted upon as being the absolute truth.

I am a very emotional Believer--but I also carry the sure knowledge of God's Word in my heart.  How beautifully He created us all with this tapestry of emotion and intellect weaving us into His very image.

I delight in your decrees;
    I will not neglect your word.
Psalms 119:16


  1. You know ... I don't think God cares very much whether people are intellectually or emotionally Christian as long as they are honest in their Christianity. As long as they realise and admit that they are sinners, they repent and follow God's Word about loving Him and loving each other.

    Over the years we have had great philosophers and theologians like St Augustine of Hippo, St Ignatius of Loyola and no doubt you can name several others. All these have philosophied and theologied (I've invented a new word) about God, His intentions plans and strategies. And we've also had many simple minded non-intellectuals with pigeon-brains who have followed God's Word with their hearts.

    I believe God loves both kind, as long as they are honest and not like the Pharisees and Saduccees of old times, who still exist even now.

    God bless.

  2. Well said, Victor! Thank you!
    Bless You!


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