A friend recently told me a story about trying to lead a donkey with a rope tied to the donkey's halter.  He told me this young foal dragged him all over the pasture with him tightly holding the rope as his wife watched and laughed.  I can just imagine the scene with his heels dug in and dirt flying as the foal had his way.

Though they make look small--the little beast probably weighs around 200 pounds.  The trouble seemed to be he was holding the rope  a few feet away from the donkey's head and this allowed the donkey to become the leader.  If he had held the rope right by the donkey's head he would have had control and could have lead the donkey with no trouble.  He had far too much slack in the rein to be the leader.

While eating lunch with another sweet friend, she told me about her teenage children and where they were in life.  These parents have purposefully been involved in all the major decisions of their two children in the important high school years.  They have held those reins tight and had a great deal of input into helping their offspring to make important life decisions.

I was quite impressed with the manner in which they have guided their children to make college choices, decisions about career paths, and even counselling about their peers.  They held those reins tightly until high school graduation when they began to slowly allow slack in the rope.  As they have helped them learn how to make good life decisions, they have been able to trust them to make other decisions on their own based upon parental guided life lessons.  They are reaping the benefits of knowing when to hold the reins tight and when to begin to allow some slack.

As I thought over both of these chats, I began to consider when God held the reins tightly and when he gave me the lead.  There have been times when doors were not shut, but slammed in my face when I was surely headed for disaster.  Other times, he has given me the lead and allowed me to suffer the consequences of my poor choices.  Of one thing I am certain, it always is for His good purpose and ultimately for His glory.  It amazes me how two different conversations can point me to the same conclusion.  God always holds the reins--but He also determines how closely He is going to hold them.  Following His lead no matter the length of the reins must become my quest.  His lead is always for my good, His good purpose, and His glory.

 Since you are my rock and my fortress,
 for the sake of your name lead and guide me.
Psalm  31:3


  1. It is always very difficult to decide how much or how little control we have on our children. This is because we see them as our children; not matter how old they are, married with their own familes, they are still our children. We don't see them as independent human beings with their own thoughts, ideas, and aspirations.

    But then ... ... ... how do they see us? They see us as their parents. Mom and dad. Always there. Caring, loving, advising. They don't see us as individuals. Human beings. With our own needs, concerns and worries.

    The generation gap is because we don't see each other clearly as we really are.

    So ... how do we see God? How does He see us? Is there a "generation gap" between us? And if so ... is it not of our own making?

    God bless.

    1. I love these thoughts, Victor! I will spend a great deal of time thinking this over! Profound!!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Replies
    1. Victor can give us a good laugh and cause us to think with his gift of words! So glad we met Victor !
      Blessings, My Friend!


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