I am here in Louisiana enjoying the anticipation of Tropical Storm Cindy dropping buckets of rain as she heads north-east

It looks like she should be right over Ruston early Friday morning.  UNFORTUNATELY-  the Louisiana Peach Festival is scheduled for this weekend also.  Cindy has no respect for the plans of man--and will be spoiling the party for most.  

My friend who is in Baton Rouge for a meeting this week, swears she has grown gills.  HATE she will be driving home right in the big middle of the mess Friday.  You begin to wonder---WHERE does all that water come from?  

The REALLY scary thing about these tropical depressions is when they stall out and pour rain for hours on end on the same area.  Do you remember this sweet lady from last August who lost EVERYTHING she had in the Big Flood?

Lives were altered, property was lost, and life went on to never be the same again.

Going back in November I found the recovery slow going.  My good friend, Mike, just spent the first week in June in the on-going recovery project.  It will be years before the area is back to normal.  All from rainfall--over extended periods of time.

We all know the story of the greatest stall out of a system ever---40 days and 40 nights of rain and the world was wiped clean.  God did a reboot--when the world  began crashing.  Noah and his descendants were the second chance man probably did not deserve.

There are times we get caught in the storms of life and feel like a drowning rat being sucked down the storm drain.  We can't seem to catch a break and trying to keep our heads above water is an endless task.  About the time we think we see dry land another thunder clap breaks over our head and we are pulled back into the crashing waves.  

Take heart--Cindy will finally run out of steam and rain---the sun will come back out and we will all dry out.  Rain falls on the good and bad alike and sometimes the clouds hang around far too long.

Hang on---we have a promise that the clouds will lift and the rain will stop.  Keep looking for the break in the clouds where the sun will surely shine through.  Floods will come and floods will surely recede, but we have the sure assurance of a refuge and protector in the storm and rain.

There will be a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, 
and refuge and protection from the storm and the rain.
Isaiah 4:6


  1. I hope you and yours are safe when the rain comes and, as you say, eventually goes away. We are expecting some rain here too in the UK. It has been abnormaly hot lately with temperatures up to 35 Degrees Centigrade in the shade. I am clever though, and did not stay in the shade.

    Don't get me started about Noah. He has a lot to answer for. Why on earth did he invite wasps on his naval journey? What good are wasps? Or fleas for that matter. Did he have just two fleas on two dogs, or two fleas on one dog, or as many fleas as could get on board with their luggages and other belongings? And all the other insects and reptiles who seem to do not good at all. Why have them on board? And can you imagine how many droppings two elephants make in forty days? Not counting all the other droppings from all the other animals? No wonder the boat did not sink, or stink, with all those droppings. I bet his wife was not happy with the house-cleaning.

    God bless.

    1. Victor, since you are not on FB which is my primary blog link, you have no idea all the comments made about your funny comments! One comment yesterday spoke of you being a hot mess! We all love your humor! Thank you for always contributing! I am certain people come back to read another day to see what your response will be!
      Blessings, My Friend!

    2. Hi Lulu, and Lulu's friends on Facebook. I hope you are reading this.

      Let me tell you that I am not on Facebook because I do not understand how it works. I was on Facebook and gave up. Too many buttons to click on; and when I did so I moved to someone else's page and I did not know whether I was coming or going or where I was at any given time. Then there were the "Poke you" buttons which I did not understand either as well as all the "likes" buttons. I once disliked something I wrote on my FB page and "un-friended" myself and could not get into my account again.

      So, if you like my comments on Lulu's FB page then why not join me on my Blog page http://timeforreflections.blogspot.com Or even on Lulu's own blog page. She writes better than me, you know! And quite funny too.

      As me being a hot mess. Let me tell you, I once was really in a HOT MESS. A friend had bought a new motorbike and suggested I ride behind him as we tested his new engine. It was cold that day and even though I had a jacket on, the wind coming at us at speed made my chest very cold. So he stopped the bike and decided I should wear the jacket back to front - which I did. He buttoned it at the back for me and I put on my helmet. I had one of those helmets with a dark visor so you could not see my face. I rode the bike behind my friend and he set off again.

      A few miles further on he went over a bump and I flew off the bike. He did not notice me falling off and kept going at speed. The car driving behind us stopped and two people came out to help. They saw me lying there on the road, helmet and visor still on, jacket back to front. They nearly killed me trying to turn my head the right way round.

      So there ... my life can be really miserable at times ... OOOPS !!!! Must go. I see a broomstick in the porch. The mother-in-law has landed.

      God bless.

  2. We saw on the Weather Channel that a tornado hit just outside of Birmingham, in Fairfield. I am so glad we do not live in sweet home Alabama or the deep south anymore. After surviving Hurricane Katrina and a EF 5 tornado, enough was enough.

    Keeping y'all in prayer, friend.

  3. OH you may have moved up to the frozen North, but you are still a Southern girl as evidenced in your parting remark-"Y'ALL"
    šŸ˜Blessings, My Friend!

  4. Always will be, I suppose...you can always ask fellow blogger Sparky how I sound...My accent is Midwestern-southern...many folks say, "Your not from around here, are you?" Nope. lol

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