A dear friend told me a story this week of loosing a friend they had unresolved issues with.  They were incredibly sad and angry--that there would never be a chance to "clear the air", "speak their piece", "talk it all out".  With the departure of an earthly presence, the ability to resolve the situation was lost and they were devastated with the knowledge it will never be closed.

As I pondered their hurt and frustration, I began to remember those unresolved issues in my own life.  I have posted previously concerning long kept secrets and the tailspin I went into upon the revelation of the truth.  There is no way to resolve this here upon this terrestrial ball.  I will have to live with the truth and either always wonder why or put it behind me and move forward.

How I would love one more conversation with my mother and father!  There are words which were never said--that I long to speak to them.  In the moments of loosing them, the focus was not on unspoken words, but only on the pain of them leaving.  There were things left unsaid--now to never be said.

I dare say, most of us have unresolved issues with others which will never be resolved.  How do we learn to live in the flux of torment which comes with broken or cracked relationships?  Is there any redemption for the unresolved?

There is NO unresolved conflict in Heaven.  We can live with the certain assurance we will live in peace and harmony in His presence.  All that was broken on Earth will be mended. 

As I pondered The Word, I came to one conclusion, Jesus redeemed all of the unresolved.  Though we may never experience an earthly conversation to resolve the conflict.  There is NO conflict in Heaven.  Jesus has resolved all our pride, arrogance, and stubborn refusal to resolve conflicts here upon this earth.  His death and resurrection is the sure redemption of any and all conflict we inflict upon one another.  Though we refuse to remedy our disagreements, He will rule in perfect agreement in Eternity.  We will not be looking around to avenge old hurts, but instead we will be standing in awe and worship of a perfect God.  I am  so thankful for the peace that He will redeem  all the unresolved 

But by His doing you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, and righteousness and sanctification, and redemption,
I Corinthians 1:30


  1. A serious post, Lulu, requiring serious consideration.

    We need to ask ourselves, "where are our loved ones now departed?" Are they in Heaven, where we hope and we would wish them to be? If so, are they not able to look down upon is, and to know that we may have unresolved issues in our hearts? And in their love for us, have they not already forgiven us, if we need forgiving, regarding our role in these unresolved issues?

    The issues may be unresolved as far as we are concerned, but we should get some comfort that where we may have hurt others, now long gone to have yet another conversation with them, they at leats love us enough to forgive us. So why torment ourselves any longer.

    In Christ's parable about the rich man and Lazarus at his gate; when they both died, the rich man was "conscious" enough to converse and reason with Abraham. So why should we assume that our departed are not conscious to know our concerns and, where needed, to forgive our misgivings and to love us even more?

    Praying for you. God bless.

    1. Interesting comment, Victor. In my mind, Jesus dying on the cross resolves everything. We believe He has covered all our sin which is the root cause of all conflict.
      Blessings to you, My Friend!

    2. Lulu, I do not disagree with what you say above. In fact, I agree 100%.

      At the end of the day, we all must decide, individually, what we believe happens to the loved ones departed. Are they in Heaven, as we hope and pray? If they are in Heaven, are they frozen in some state or other until the last judgement? Or are they "alive" in some form or other - i.e. their souls are alive and conscious, as implied by the Bible quote above about the rich man and Lazarus?

      If they are "alive", then indeed they are conscious of our continuous hurt that we have some issues still unresolved with them. And because they love us, then they will forgive any thing wrong which we have done in relation to those unresolved issues.

      When Christ was on the Cross, He said to the thief next to Him, "today you'll be with me in Paradise". He did not say, "You'll be frozen, or in some sort of waiting-room, or whatever, until judgement day". He said, "today". Surely this applies too to our loved departed, and to us in due course.

      I would hate to wait in a waiting room reading out-of-date newspapers and magazines, like at the doctors.

      God bless.

  2. We often discuss this...if your a believer, then you go to Heaven...{{opening a controversial topic}}---that is why we are on Earth to convert folks to become believers, sadly, there will be folks who for whatever reason, choose not to believe and or follow a false religion/prophet. It is a hard topic to discuss with folks...the Bible is pretty clear on this subject.

    I understand what Victor is saying...I am simply at a lost for words on this topic...One thing remains, our Fathers love sustains us even though the darkest hours.


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