At the beginning of this month, I posed the question, "Can I go home again?"  The famous author,Thomas Wolfe gave a resounding 

I was apprehensive about coming to Ruston and staying for a month--fear of the unknown is a powerful deterrent.  Would I be remembered--would it be the same--would I be welcome?  My intent was in visiting for a month was seeing all those I had missed so much.  Also at the back of my mind was the nagging question, "Should I move back to Ruston?"  Where does God want me planted?

Due to a variety of issues, I was not certain I could ever come back.  I am not getting younger and health issues have begun to raise their ugly heads.  I would greatly miss my family who are all in Texas.  The What If's are a powerful drag and truthfully they are worry in disguise.  The What If's cannot rule your life or you will become frozen in fear.  Living beyond doubt takes a huge amount of courage.  Pulling my big girl pants up can be harder than shimming into a girdle in the good old days.  For certain though, I want to live life to the fullest and be aware of God's plan for me.

The welcome was heart warming--I get teary thinking of all the wonderful reunions I have had over the past month.  Time has marched on, Ruston has changed, but the fact remains-Ruston and Farmerville will always be home.  It did not take long to realize--

Back in October I attended my 50th high school reunion in Farmerville. Though the high school I graduated from has been renamed and consolidated, the bond goes beyond the place.   I was amazed at how quickly we picked up where we left off all those years ago.  We, for sure, had all changed, but the bond of attending a small town school was not easily broken.  It was a sweet reunion of sharing memories of growing up in the Mayberryisque 50's & 60's.  The reunion rekindled friendships and bonds that have spilled over to a vow to keep in touch.  While I was here in Ruston for the month, the local classmates met again and began planning another time together next year.  We are keenly aware of our limited time left and hope to keep the commitment to meet at regular intervals.

It quickly became apparent what I had been missing.  There is not one thing to quite compare to small town Southern life.  Everyone you meet you either know or have common ties with.  It is a small world full of charm, warmth, and an overflow of good will.  You are never a stranger--never invisible--and no man is an island here in the midst of rural small town life.  I have to watch what I say, what I wear, and what I do--for someone is always watching.  What a delight--to be known and recognized.  It is amazing though how effortless I slipped right back into life here in Ruston.

SO-I am moving back to my hometown.  God seems to have flung doors open and closed others abruptly in my face.   I have a potential sell for my house in Fort Worth.  I have worked out a way to come for extended stays with the grands in Texas.  All I need now is a home in Ruston to make this happen.   Not to worry, I can always stay in a van down by the river.  Meanwhile, I am moving--and keeping my eyes open to what God has in store.

Here is one thing I have learned over the past nine years.  As my sweet friend so well puts it, "Everything this side of Eternity is all hay and stubble."  This world is only temporary.  I look forward to the day when I am welcomed into my Eternal Home.  For now though, I am delighted to say---Ruston will once again be Home Sweet Home!

For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands.
II Corinthians 5:1


  1. It is so good that in your heart you have made a decision to move back to Ruston. I hope and pray the move is done smoothly and that you are happy there in your original home where you are known by so many and loved. I'm sure you can always visit back Fort Worth and your family can visit you too. You are quite brave and adventurous and my guess is the distance between these two places is shorter than the distance to Europe which you visited last year. So it shouldn't be that difficult to drive backwards and forwards when needed.

    As for school reunions. I'm glad yours went well and you re-met old friends.

    I had a letter from a head-teacher years ago saying they were planning a schoold reunion. As I have never liked the people I went to school with I saw no reason why I should meet them again and tell them, (in my mind at least), that I still don't like them. No doubt they will all compare their lives and show-off how well they've done.

    And I'd say in my mind "Ah ... Kenneth, I always thought you'd turn up a bum; and you've proved me right. And Helen ... I always thought your beauty as a youth was only skin deep; and now I bet you're the only one keeping the cosmetic industry afloat. How many ponds they took off in your liposuction? Not enough it seems. And I bet they gave it all to Harry judging from his over-inflated size!"

    So with those sentiments in mind, I decided not to attend the reunion. But the head-teacher wrote again and persuaded me to go. I wish I hadn't.

    When I attended, and it was in another town so it cost me in fares and hotel costs, I discovered that all my school mates thought the same and I was the only one there!

    School reunions? Humbug ... I say ... pure humbug!!! At least I am honest and without prejudice since I disliked them all. Now I dislike the head-teacher too.

    God bless.

    1. Well Victor, one classmate is quoted as replying when she was called and asked to come, "I didn't like those people in high school." It seems others have your same opinion! Laughing!

      Fort Worth is 4 hours and 15 minutes away, Victor-- close enough to visit quite often!

      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. WOW!!!! AWESOME NEWS!!!!! I am so happy for you, truly. When I was 18, my folks kicked me out, and told me to never return...left a bitter taste...I am the opposite, one can never go home as in "home". However, I am a firm believer that "home" is where you make it. Luckily, our son knows this. Although we lived in Alabama for 20 years, it never felt like home...and I always knew somehow, the good Lord would return me to here to western New York...not quite the place where I want to be--as I sure miss the Catskills, where we first lived many moons ago, but he placed us where we are needed...and NY feels like home. And now look, finishing my education after 20-30 years and He knows what the future holds.

    How exciting for is your daughter handling this? Just wondering. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU....sorry for shouting, smiles.

    1. She & the boys all want me to be happy- I am blessed! You are right our hearts know our home! You are an amazing example of getting it done! So admire your attitude!
      Blessings My Friend!

  3. Well, why am I not surprised. I am glad you have worked it out. We have lived in Texas so long that it feels like home. It is likely you will find much happiness being with your brothers and life long friends. I know your grand children are going to miss your constant and immediately available presence but as with any move there are the pros and cons. You have changed and Ruston/Farmerville have changed but that is to be expected. For you the pull was too strong for me I am content to make the occasional visit to the old stomping grounds. Good Luck and Enjoy!

  4. BTW, You will be needing to change the "Who Me" section of your blog. LOL

    1. Thanks for that reminder, Ronnie. You have been in TX long enough that it is home. Think I moved too late for that to happen for me.

  5. I am so happy to see you're moving back "home". Ruston just isn't the same without you! You had a huge presence here and I know you will pick right back up where you left off! And I bet Camille and. It's will enjoy good visits in Ruston too! I'm thankful for you and your encouraging, inspirational and honest words! Ruston will be so blessed by your return. You have been missed!
    Much love and prayers for an easy transition!

  6. Congratulations and Welcome Back!!

  7. Wow! That's great! We hope to see you when we are back in Ruston from December through June!


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