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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Returning from Ruston, I walked in the back door of my home and proceeded to walk through the house as I unloaded a month's worth of "stuff".  As I looked around, I began to take deep breaths and remember all this has to be packed to move back to Ruston.  Though I had pared WAY down in the series of three moves over the past six years, this fourth move is as over-whelming as each previous move.  

NOT one of my moves
Instead when we moved #1 Daughter and Crew
I am such an expert--my services are highly sought after.

As I sat in my favorite chair, I began to make mental lists of what to keep, what to pack, what to ship, and what to leave.  Since it is very expensive to long distance move, this will require careful consideration of what does and doesn't make the trip.  Since I will have to put everything in storage, this requires more thought of how to pack to keep from breakage.  I literally was frozen--over-whelmed when considering the logistics of another move.

Then I did the most logical thing I could think of---

I cleaned out one cabinet and packed one box.  Taking the first step is often the best course of action when pondering in what direction to go.

When going out for a run--it all began with that first step.  I didn't worry about how I could possibly run all those miles---I simply set off with the first step and followed with another and another.  Eventually I crossed the finish line or gave up the ghost when I had had enough.  It always started with that first step.

When our children enter the world as tiny precious infants, we don't freeze in horror thinking of them being a teenager.  Instead, we take one day at a time and begin the walk down the road to raising a child who will someday embark upon the world on their own.  If we focused on all the bad things in the world, all the things that could go wrong, and the fact this little pliable bundle of sweetness would grown into a willful, argumentative teenager, we would throw up our hands in despair and run for the exit.

When I began my journey mentoring my student four years ago, I did not think about the four years of commitment when you take a student for their elementary years.  I focused on the first visit, and then each subsequent time together.  What we were going to do today and then next week.  What it would look like four years down the road was never a thought.

So it is with our faith walk here on this terrestrial ball.  It would be quite over whelming if we considered a lifetime relationship with Jesus.  Instead of looking at the long road in front of us, we should consider the next right step we should make. What He would ask of us--His plan for the next step is how we should proceed.  Races are won--one step at a time.  We don't focus on the finish line, instead we look at the next step needed.  One step at a time--Lord Jesus--one step at a time.

"Does He not see my ways And number all my steps?
Job 31:4


  1. Wishing you a successful and trouble free move, Lulu. Years ago there was a song entitled "One day at a time" by Lena Martell. Here's Father Francis singing it:

    Just take a minute or so praying it with him. I am praying for you too, right now.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Victor. I am confident it will all get moved- one box at a time. I do remember this song😊
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. What a great post .!!! How we sometimes forget that first step. It can be a doozie sometimes, but once it's taken...your journey is started. What a relief.!!! A weight is lifted... praying for you, my friend.

    1. This is small potatoes compared to what many are facing this very day!!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  3. Oh boy...I can tell you, we were at the same place you are nearly 5 years ago when we moved from Alabama to NY. FAITH and perseverance were the words. We were just discussing this, and what the next 12-19-24 months hold here and where I will be working etc...just a scary thought, smiles.

    I wish I lived closer, girl, I am master of packing, I hate it, but I can pack. smiles

    1. Your life will look different, but different is not bad-just different! So excited to read about this next life journey you are embarking upon! The last two years of college involved mostly major courses for me and I loved it! Hope your experience is the same!

  4. oh my ... looks like i'm going to have to dip into your archives to find out what's happening in your life!

    one box at a time. grace and peace and energy as you transition yet again, friend ...


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