Moving between two states would stress the strongest person I know.  EVERYTHING must be packed, given away, or tossed before move day.  I seemed to make daily runs for weeks to the box store, Goodwill, and the city disposing stations.  The last week I was literally living out of boxes and surviving with the bare essentials.  And then the really fantastic news, it was supposed to rain on truck packing day.

Fort Worth has had an unusually wet summer.  By this time in the year, normally everything is brown and crisp due to heat and lack of rain.  For whatever the reason, it has rained multiple times every week this year and we have had a beautiful green summer.  BUT REALLY it has to rain on packing day??  The problem is--when it rains---it pours.  There was no way to pack a truck and not have everything in it soaked.  

Now in the grand scheme of things--this is small potatoes in a world filled with angst, trouble, and woe.  First world problem in all its glory.  As I thought this over, I was hesitant to pray for such a selfish concern.  How could I go to God and ask for no rain until we got packed?  BUT--I did.

You see--the God of the Universe is a GREAT GOD.  He is not limited by our small human abilities to imagine WHO HE IS.  The Word tells us---He IS concerned about our day to days.  He wants us to come to Him with our prayers and petitions--even for the little things that only impact us.  So I prayed--I told God I knew this was not earth shattering--but I also knew He knows my heart.  My heart wanted this trip from my old home to my new home to be as painless as possible.  It was going to be a pain--but rain would have been an even bigger pain.  When I went to bed Wednesday night, the forecast was for rain Thursday early--when we picked up the truck.  When I woke up at 5 AM Thursday--the forecast had changed and it was not supposed to rain until noon.  My target time to leave Fort Worth was noon.

We left Fort Worth only wet from sweat--no rain--and in fact it only sprinkled on us a little while we drove for the next five plus hours.  God heard my prayers and answered them.  Some might say--coincidence---I say God incidence.  He hears our prayers and answers them.

The same God who heard my pleas for no rain also hears our prayers for the REALLY life changing big things in life.  If He answered my prayer for a dry morning, why would He not answer our prayers for our friends in South Texas and Louisiana?  Do we forget to pray or pray without faith or think we have it handled?  What is our reason for not taking each and every petition to Him.  Do we think He is incapable for answering all those prayers being lifted?  Have we limited Who God Is and What He Is Capable Of?

I am thankful God reminded me of His great love and care and concern for each and everyone of us.  I pray we all remember it is His intent to answer our prayers.  What a wonderful God we serve!

 “We do not make requests of you because we are righteous,
 but because of your great mercy.”
Daniel 9:18


  1. God listens to all prayers and answers them in His own way and in His own time. No prayer is too small or too big for Him. All we have to do is truly trust Him that He has our best interest at heart. In your case, He knew how much trouble and difficulties you'd been through preparing for the move; so He helped you a little regarding your prayer.

    Our prayers should be worthy in order to be heard. A friend of mine always prayed to win the lottery; but never did. When he died He said to God, "I prayed to you daily, but never won the lottery. Why?"

    God replied, "At least you should have given me a chance by buying a lottery ticket first!"

    God bless.

    1. Point WELL made, Victor, we have to do our part! God is not a magician- HE is a mighty and Powerful God of the Universe! I am praying for strength, safety, courage, and provision for those in the storm's wake, NOT that the water be swept away in an instant. He IS a mighty God and knows our needs!

  2. My husband has a favorite saying, "You want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans." Lulu, I could write a book on the things that happened in our life and the move from Alabama to New York...but you know, the good Lord saw fit to get us here in one piece, maybe frazzled, but in one piece. Was it easy? NO. Our help when we got here, never showed up, the first night we got here, we slept on the floor, too exhausted to unload the truck...again, the good Lord husband called his brother and do you know that man drove a solid 36 hrs (a normal 48 hr drive) to just help us unload that truck. ANYWAYS, the point, "Wanna make God laugh? Tell him your plans," wink

    1. I LOVE that story! When I helped my daughter move from TX to PA our help never appeared and the 3 of us somehow unloaded that truck-beyond exhausted! BUT GOD provided us the strength to somehow get mattresses on the floor and boxes in the door! HE loves us so!


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