As I drove from the new hood
back to the old,
I was the vehicle
for the death of thousands
of love bugs (LITERALLY).

We have all heard the stories of love lost
to a leap off the ledge and 
a drink from the cup of poison.
It does not seem quite so
romantic for the kamakazi bugs
to hurl themselves into my windshield
while I fly down the interstate.

After three weeks,
I am back in the old hood
staying with these people.

You can't visit the Texas Zoo
and not ride the horses!

Lunch with the two big boys
at school

And a train ride
around Trinity Park

Fun being with
my little people again!

It has been a fun few days
in the Great State of Texas

Life is an 
Excellent Adventure


  1. It's so nice to be with family again.

    God bless you and your family, Lulu.

  2. Life, indeed is an adventure. Read my lips, "I DO NOT MISS LOVE BUGS." LOLOL

    1. We used to not have them in North LA- supposedly the storm blew them our way. Thanks ALOT Mother Nature!! LOL!


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