One of the exercises we did in small group this week involved the silhouette of a house.  Inside the house you listed the good and not so good things you associated with home.  As all OC (BUT NOT D) readers will understand, I  listed mine in separate columns and in alphabetical order.  Don't laugh--some of you might benefit from a little order in your life!  I could give you the list, but the list is not the point of this muse.

This began a stream of thought over all the moves I have made in the last six plus years.

I had only moved a handful of times in my entire life and spent thirty years in this home where we raised our family.  Since moving from this house, I have lived in four different places in six plus years.  Each move always had one thing in common---I was always trying to make a home.  

From my first house alone in Ruston to my current house--one street over from the first one with the same house number, I seem to have made a complete circle.  Moving to Fort Worth I first lived in an apartment on the edge of the TCU campus, I could not wait to move into the bungalow.

I actually lived in the bungalow almost 4 years.  One thing in common in every place I have lived --I am always trying to make a home.

I have found earthly contentment almost every place I have lived, but there is a certain restlessness I cannot seem to shake.  Rolling this around it occurred to me perhaps my "True Home" will not be found on this terrestrial ball.  Although Ruston has seemed like home and I am enjoying my home here, there is still this quality of something is missing. 

I recently saw the movie, "Same Kind of Different as Me", Denver addressed all of us being homeless here in this world.  He acknowledged we will only truly "be home" when we enter the world after this one.  Our true eternal home will be found when we are welcomed into the presence of the Most High God.

For now---it is all temporary--and certainly fleeting---but the best home is yet to come...

14 For this world is not our permanent home;
 we are looking forward to a home yet to come.
Hebrews 13:14


  1. Oh Lulu ... you raise so many issues here I do not know where to start. The other day I was sitting in the garden day dreaming about life in general and looking at our home. If only it could talk ... what would it say about me and the years we've been here. At that point, Speedy Gonzales, our tortoise came passing by; and I realised that it carries its own home on its back all its life. Can you imagine that? Instead of you moving from house to house, you carry it with you wherever you go. And what if the tortoise was claustrophobic? It would not be able to enter its own shell would it? And if it was agoraphobic it would always be wanting to get out but it would have the house stuck on its back. Do tortoises have house parties I wonder; and invite friends in for a cup of tea and biscuits. It would be very crowded in there with other tortoises coming in and carrying their own houses on their backs. And how do you get rid of the biscuits crumbs when they are all gone?

    Did you know if a tortoise falls on its back it cannot straighten itself again and could well die? Its like dying on the roof of one's house, I suppose. To avoid this happening to Speedy Gonzales I have fitted springs on its back. If it falls over it presses a button and hey presto ... it flies through the air and lands on its feet again ... or not!

    You also mention our home in Heaven. I read somewhere that our accommodation there will be according to rank. Saints and Angels get the top apartments with a corner view of Paradise. Others get lesser and lesser fancy accommodation depending on how good they have been in this life.

    I guess I'll be in a cupboard somewhere.

    God bless.

    1. We should commission a study to find out how your brain works, Victor. It truly is a wonder!!

  2. VICTOR!!! (smiling)---I'm not sure about rank and order in Heaven, giggling.

    We were discussing something similar the other day. How many places we have lived and such. As for the restlessness, been there, doing that. And being funny, but my mother always said I had gypsy blood. lolol

    1. My Friend, The Gypsy- I like that!!

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