How did this pop into my head?  I believe I was thinking about my daughter's birth after someone reminded me of an early AM call to another time zone by her father announcing her birth.  I have lived in the land of men most of my life.  I grew up with two brothers--NO sister.  Two boys came along in my own little family before this baby girl was born, fifteen years after her oldest brother arrived.  And now---FIVE grandsons before that baby grand girl finally arrived, fifteen years after the first grandson arrived.  I have always had the desire for more women in my family, but lived with the expectation of every new arrival being a boy--after all I was surrounded by boys.  Don't get me wrong--I love boys--but bless their hearts--they are not girls!

In the state of loose association, in which I live, I began a stream of thought contrasting desire and expectation.  I desire (Webster defines this as - a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happento be in tip top shape as evidenced by more plans of action to accomplish this than Carter has Liver Pills.  I live with the expectation of falling off the band wagon of the latest plan within a very short period of time.  (Webster defines expectations as -a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future)    The key difference in these two definitions is very important.  On one hand we have a "feeling" and the other we have a "belief".  It seems to be a matter of intensity or degree.  My feelings do not always hold true.  My beliefs are tried and true and normally based upon wisdom gained by experiences.  I desire to live a healthy life to the very last minute, but I have no expectation of that happening.  Mother Nature wins--our bodies wear out..  

NOW---as I began to circle the wagons on this trek of loose association---I ended with what God's desires and expectations are for each of us.  He desires for us to live according to His Word which He so graciously gifted us with.  He expects for us to fail--for He knows we are human and have feet of clay.  He desires for us to seek Him--come to know Him--follow Him.  His expectations are the sure knowledge we are not capable of doing this.  SO---he gave us a "Get Out of Jail Free" card.  He provided a bridge between His desires and the sure expectation that we are not able.  Jesus became our bridge when we are unable to live up to God's  desires.  Once we turn to Him--we meet God's every expectation--as we are colored by the righteousness of Jesus. We live up to His every expectation by declaring our desire to follow Him.  Could it be any easier to live up to His expectations than this?  I think not!

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him
Philippians 2:13


  1. I agree with your conclusion about what God desires and what He expects of us. I often pray to Him and say, "God, if you knew I would fail, if you knew how I would behave in these circumstances, why did You put me in this situation? Why did you put me to the test if you knew I would fail? Why?"

    And He replies, "You ask too many questions, boy! Now, if you were a girl, she would accept my love and grace without questioning! But you ... you give me a headache!"

    The Gospel reading for today is from Mark 11:11-26. And it does, I suppose, refer to what you say about desire and expectation. It says: "So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

    God bless you, Lulu.

    1. Beautiful comment, Victor. Thank you!
      Blessings, My Friend !

  2. Truer words could not be spoken, Loralu. Jesus is our bridge in living up to God's expectations. He is ever standing in the gap!


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